A word I believe surpasses its parent word "Love" with this in mind although the term love is overused in todays society, when found can be the most overwhelming feeling contributed towards another person.

So with that in mind I feel love when fitted with a fulfilling relationship and combined deep intimate feelings can be equated to lurve.

so it just goes someway to prooving, although hard to find there is a feeling that surpasses love.

hope we all find it.
Well Miss Baden, I do declaire I Seem to have falled deeper in lurve with you.

Miche' Me lurves you
by Adam Thompson October 30, 2004
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THe bestest feeling in the whole wide world. :)
I lurve kelly.
by David August 4, 2003
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Between like and love, lurve is a word to express more than simply liking someone but not quite loving them. When you truly care about someone past just admiring them but you're not in love with them.
Me: "I lurve my bestfriend but he doesn't feel the same way."
Bec: "Maybe he will lurve you someday."
by Jurph February 13, 2014
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The way Keith (stand up comedian) Alberstadt’s ex-girlfriend said “I love you” in one of his comedic anecdotes
Southern Belle: I lurve you.
Keith Alberstadt: Well you complute me.
by True_Lust July 22, 2019
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when u love some one in a non sexual way. when a girl says i love u to a girl as friends.
"i lurve u ling"
"i lurve u to Claire"
by Claire Maloney July 21, 2005
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