Something to grease the throat and make ripped ass liquor slip down to flytown.
If ima drink that pool water, ima need a liquor lozenge.
by Ellis August 22, 2004
An arcane sexual maneuver, in which a man inserts his dangler into his partner's mouth just before orgasm and allows the semen to run down his partner's throat, coating the esophagus with luscious man-sauce. Though the "Afghani Ricola," as it was originally called, originated in underground clubs in Kabul, it has found its way into experimental alternative medicine as a treatment for chronic esophagitis.
With the exponentially increase prescription drug cost, many low-income seniors have turned to cock lozenges to treat chronic throat conditions.
by Boris Svetlana June 5, 2006
streaks of jizz left on porcelain after a hearty wank
Fred: dude, i swear there's a few milkman's lozenges on the tiles in this shower

Bertram: yuk brother hubbard, that's utterly, like, gross
by McGarnagle III (kosher) October 4, 2007
Modern Heavy Metal. A term given to "rock music" where the singer chooses to scream or roar out the lyrics as opposed to actually singing them. An act that makes the throat rather soar and hoarse afterwards, causes the musician to require a lozenge of some kind
Some may say that Rock & Roll died with Kurt Cobain, but, in fact, it died with the surfacing of Lozenge Rock
by lishuss October 14, 2005
when a member of homosexual intercourse sticks his dick up his partner's throat, (while his partner is on his knees) and touches the pallad with the head of his dick slowly brushing in and out and soothing his partner's throat.
Jake: my throat hurts so much.
Matt: did Brad give you a throat lozenge last night?
by masterofcock September 30, 2013
Well practiced girl/guy in the art of fellatio. Not pleased with just giving a blowjob they want to make it known that they are at the peak of their particular field.
Pulled at the weekend, girl was a serious lozenge warrior. If it wasn't for the fact that my balls were down her throat i think they may have exploded.
by Daz Margetts April 16, 2008
A cock lozenge is when you JAM your penis down a sick pedrsons throat and ejaculate on their tonsils!
I gave roland a hot, saucy cock lozenge. LOL.
by QUADROPED June 5, 2006