A person that handles/pleases the wifey/girlfriend, when the husband or boyfriend is away.
That baby doesnt look anything like you. Better ask the wife about the milkman.
by Tony Atlas January 14, 2008
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Looks like the brotha's bringing home the milk again... hes a milkman...
by BlackRose December 24, 2003
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Someone involved in the delivery of Milk. Good, creamy milk.... mmmmmm
Drink dem milk - Mr T
by Gumba Gumba February 24, 2004
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A Black man who goes into a upper class neighborhood who has sex with a white woman after her husband has left
Mom, why doesn't the milkman come when daddy's home?
by blaze35ny July 16, 2006
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I am so glad that the milkman is my daddy and not that ____ Terence who I have thought it was for the last 25 years
by alkie chris February 26, 2004
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A guy who 'milks' his beers (drinks slowly).
I'd like to get the hell out of this cock farm of a bar but Pete's being such a fuck'n milkman over there, I don't know if we'll ever get outta here.
by Pokey the Clown August 20, 2007
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when a man gets head and busts in a girls face and then tickles her so it comes out her nose
by kevin January 21, 2005
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