a synonym for douchebag, but in a more extreme case. Individuals who wear sunglasses at night and use ipads to type term papers. Douche lozenges do not make any attempt to hide their doucheyness and make a point of telling others how much better than you they are since they studied abroad while you were working to pay rent.
Is that dude really wearing a t-shirt that says "i put out" in 2010? ...what a douche lozenge.
by brwnshuga October 25, 2010
A southern cock lozenge is an method of oral sex where either partner can dissolve an throat lozenge in their mouth, spit the remains in their hands, and masturbate and massage (jackoff) all over the penis and have it sucked. This method can also be performed by introducing saliva to the partner's penis, and masturbate the partner with the throat lozenge in their hands, or the partner can simply place the throat lozenge in his or her mouth, and began to perform oral sex to the recipient.
Bro, last night, my girl gave me the best southern cock lozenge of my life!
by Groovious February 10, 2019
Originated from the phrase: Bitch Lasagna

but a friendly platonic version for your friends
"Do you know why he was looking at you? Because you are a bitch lozenger"
by bunch of bitch lozengers February 1, 2018
A pretending to use a pill rather than taking one's required medication. The actual pill may be hid in one's sleeve, anus/rectum, or nasal cavity until anyone forcing one to consume the pill is out of the room. The anus thing doesn't really work if it's a suppository.
Geez, grampa really doesn't want his medication. I saw he was taking an air lozenge while he shoved the pills up his bum until the nurse left.
by Niger Tits November 24, 2015
Whacking off into your belly button. Letting it congeal, then popping the residue in your mouth.
by Soggy lozenge June 5, 2021