To do something wrong, or to mess something up with severe consequences. Alternatively, it can be used to descirbe a shadow that is there regardless of illuminance
Oh no, I did a lozenge

Crap I got a lozenge with me

O look, theres rich and his lozenge. He really cant get away from it can he
by henryviii May 17, 2008
a made up word to make my girlfriend's roomate and her boyfriend look like sillypantses for parading about the word bandaid as if it had a meaning beyond its intrinsic definition.
Raki and Matt made up the word lozenge to piss off Katie and maybe John but he probably doesn't care.
by Matt February 14, 2005
Lady Lozenge. (noun) a euphemism for the clitoris; derived from the shape of a cough lozenge, which when miniaturised, closely resembles the makeup of said female anatomy.
"I was slightly perturbed by the ungodly size of her lady lozenge!"

"The gynecologist examined my lady lozenge and she said it was naturally proportionate."
by peterRepeater_1 February 14, 2009
Sidney: My piles are killing me!
Louie: Well, ram a butt lozenge up your arsetube! That'll help cool em down!
by Figley E Whitesides November 16, 2007
A readily available remedy for a sore throat that a man carries with him at all times. The sufferer simply inserts the man's penis into her/his mouth and awaits the rush of medicinal goodness that's sure to cure even the most severe of sore throats*.

*May cure any number of other ailments.
Corey complained that her throat was sore, and Jon offered her a sausage lozenge.
by CoreyLovesPaintball March 21, 2009