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somthing dumbass turn to when nothing else works.
that idiot doesn't know that aids is not curable so he went to alternative medicine.
by sissi March 10, 2004
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Modern quackery. Proof that there's always a sucker born every minute.
Alternatve medicine? Since when did amanita toadstools and belladonna supplements become therapeutic?
by i smell bullshit July 20, 2003
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Don't allow Big Pharma to trick you into hormone replacement therapy - cure yourself with alternative medicine instead. There's literally nothing that can't be fixed by a chiropractor.
by Aunt Tifa Lockhart September 16, 2017
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Medicines or treatments that can used separately from other treatments. In the case of PTSD, an example of an alternative treatment could be Adaptive Disclosure, where different treatments are implemented based on the type of trauma.
As the patient was strongly opposed to man made medications, we suggested the use of an alternative medicine, herbal supplements that had proven to have a similar effect.
by jefferson9999 March 20, 2017
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The term Complementary and Alternative medicine, simply describes any medical practice or product that is not included in the western worlds definition of standard care.
The 2007 National Health Survey, which included a comprehensive survey of CAM use by americans, showed that approximately 38 percent of adults use Complementary and Alternative medicine (CAM)
by loushan March 18, 2012
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