Commonly known as a sweet or tablet or a shape, it can also be confused with Beyonce Knowles' younger sister's name, Solange Knowles.
Person 1: OMG have you seen Bring It On 2? With Lozenge Knowles?
Person 2: I think you mean Solange...
by Naomi Richards October 22, 2007
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"Whoa, look at the size of his lozege!" or "I want the grape lozenge!"
by Geena-ish January 30, 2006
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A sexual act when a male ejaculates into the nostrils of a female or male. While ejaculation is taking place the receiver inhales through the nose, sucking the ejaculate in through the nasal cavity and down into the throat, coating it like a lozenge.
Tina had a sore throat but couldn't afford cough drops. Her boyfriend gave her a lozenge which made them both feel much better.
by RainyDayVancouver February 22, 2011
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A really nice and comfortable spot!
A: I know a really good lozenge not far from here.
B: Me too. It is so comfortable and nice!
by Chocccie November 21, 2019
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Typically used as an insult. Lozenge is a term to describe some one with a lower intelligence.
Dude are you a lozenge!? You are a little lozenge.
by Little lugo January 14, 2021
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A really comfortable and nice spot.
That's a really nice Lozenge!
I know! It is so comfortable and has good lighting!
by Mrs obama November 25, 2019
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Lozeng is a name of a man usually from Asian heritage. Lozeng's are amazing at soccer and score a goal against any goalkeeper. They are also very trust worthy and have a good sense of humor.
Jim: I was playing soccer with lozeng and he scored all of our teams four goals.

Dennis: Not surprising, he's a lozeng.
by wowlookoverthere June 8, 2016
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