Out of the ordinary; Super-duper awesome. It can be anything -- place, thing, food, person, creature, and event.
Have you been to Antelope Canyon? Man, that place is out of this world!

Dude, somebody built a car using a 3D printer. That's just out of this world!

You gotta try the cheese I bought. The flavor is out of this world!

I don't know how that guy can work three jobs and still have time for school, and volunteer for a good cause. He's just out of this world!

Hey, your dog's mopping the floor! Lol, and I didn't teach him how to do that. He's out of this world, isn't he?

A lady at the auction just paid $350,000 for a purse? Wow, that's out of this world!
by Tin and Trouble September 18, 2013
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When two people or characters, who have romantically liked eachother for ages but hasnt admitted it to themselves or eachother but everyone knows, get together and it becomes weird and awkward and overall horrifying to all who happen to witness it and they act all corny with eachother. Much like a certain episode of the cartoon Kim Possible where Kim stops an evil guy from blowing up a planet or something and at the end of that cursed episode Kim tells Ron that he's "out of this world". *shudder*
I almost vomited when Ron and Hermione pulled an out of this world at the end of the 7th HP book.

Oh dear God please tell me Ranma and Akane wont start pulling an out of this world. I think I'd be scarred for life.
by qwertmnb December 30, 2010
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Used when one wants to rid another from their personal mindspace. (mostly used by schitzos)
This is my parkin' lot! Don't do that here! Get outta my world..!
by misterzero October 13, 2003
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To tackle problems in the real world or life.
If we don't interact with opposite gender, we won't know how to deal with them when we would step out in the real world for livelihood.
by Zami Karzai August 14, 2018
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