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A high school located in San Francisco, CA. Academically, it is the best public high school in San Francisco, and one of the best public high schools in the country. Offering several A.P classes, the students have a reputation for being studious and competitive. Although there are all kinds of students at Lowell, suffice it to say that most are very much focused.
Jon: I'm taking 5 A.P classes! I can't go out this weekend...
Kevin: That's what you get for gong to Lowell...
Jon: At least I may get into Berkeley or Harvard.
by TheOneFromLowell August 04, 2005
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A Nazi high school in San Francisco full of Asians. Mostly Chinese who cry when they get the first F of their life on a math test that they should be taking in college. Hated by every other school in San Francisco because it owns every other school in sports. Has about 4 black people per grade, at least 2 of them half something else. If you go to Lowell High School, you don't go a day without hearing "I can't I gotta study for my Chinese test!" Yet even through all the torture and pain of getting a B to get into Berkley they say you have a better chance to get into a school like that. Also if you can not solve a Rubiks Cube under 5 minutes you should not being going to Lowell HS.

If you go to LHS, you have urges to:
1. Correct misspelled words in the bathroom stalls.
2. Sit in your room on the computer for about half the day to all day.
3. Do what you are doing right now
4. Have Yellow Fever
5. Know Mr. Axt is older then the school itself.
Non-Lowell kid: Dude you going to that awesome party tonight
Lowell High School kid: No I got to study for my Chinese test tomorrow.
Non-Lowell kid: But you had one 3 times this week.
Lowell High School Kid: I know! I got lucky this week!
by SayAnything_ButThat July 10, 2008
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a place full of arrogant immature people. the freshman are annoying, no one pays attention to sophomores, juniors are just there, and seniors think they're the shit. people either try too hard to stand out or too hard to fit in. there's a fight happening at least once a week due to all the stupid drama about this girl fucking this girls boyfriend. about 83% of kids tried/do mary jane. of that 83%, like 20% do some other shit like coke or steroids. most if not all the guys think they're from east chicago and like to dress up as a gangster, thinkin' they're tough shit, even if there is corn for miles and are no where near the ghetto. we're best know for the football team of jackasses who think they're so cool but in reality they're just really selfish dicks. the cheerleaders think they're the best goddamned thing that's ever walked the planet. everyone is just tryna one up everyone to be the best and do whatever the cool thing is to do. basically, the guys are assholes, the girls are sluts, & most teachers are dumb.

'nuff said.
dude: "yo bro, i'm moving to lowell, so i'll have to go to lowell high school."
other dude: "sucks for you. that school is full of fake ass bitches and arrogant bastards."
dude: "fuck."
by kkkkkdawgggggg January 20, 2011
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A school in Lowell Massachusetts notorious for gangs and drug deals. This school is made up of mostly asians and gangsters. Every white kid who goes here skips atleast once to go Arthurs to have a Bootmill sandwich. You cant walk down the hallways or tunnels without seeing a Dunkin Donuts coffee cup, or bullet holes.

The school consists of 4 building, 2 mains building, a gymnasium and a freshman building that use to be a middle school. With 4000+ students and growing...
"I was walking down the halls of Lowell High School and I saw atleast 4 gang fights in 3 minutes."
"I head (insert asian kid name) got shot again in the tunnels of Lowell High School."
by TubbsMcGee November 14, 2005
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A High School in Lowell, Michigan full of wanna be rednecks who think that doing donuts in the stadium parking lot, flying confederate flags even though they are northerners, and coming to school looking like they have a hangover makes them cool. Besides those guys, there are some pretty cool star athletes that most of the time are respectful unless they are the few druggies. The Marching band is full of dweebs but we love them anyways. The Theatre program is successful, you may even meet Isiah Perysian (Minor Celeb it’s whatever). The Cheerleaders are typical, most of them aren’t the greatest, but the others are scholars. Known for high overall class GPAs, Pink Arrow, hating East Grand Rapids, bowing down to Noel Dean, and other caring about football... it’s still a pretty cool school full of genuinely good kids.
“Hey, doesn’t he go to Lowell High School?”
“Yes, look at his football jersey, gosh Cindy.”
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A school full of Cambodians, jewish teachers, Puerto Ricans, Greeks, and cunts with the last name of Descheneaux who think that they are the best people in the world. And don't forget about the white kids who look either like trash or wanna be gangsters who will get shot in 5 minutes. There are also a bunch of bloods and crips there.
Lowell high school got shot up again this week by the and the greeks
by Rowdy the raging hawk March 24, 2017
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