A centre of fitness and strength. Where someone can go to increase their fitness level, burn calories and....

do I really have to tell you this?
If you don't know what a gym is, you're probably some sort of hobbit nerd who never goes.
by Gumba Gumba February 23, 2004
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For more definitions/descriptions, see gym.
See example with previous definition, where gymnasium is clipped to gym.
by George T SLC January 19, 2006
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1. An institution where people pay for the privilege of torturing themselves through bodily exertion in the name of physical fitness. Torture implements in most gymnasiums include freeweights, excercise bicycles, circuit training machines, rowers, etc. Attendees seem to enjoy the fact that not since the Spanish Inquisition has there been such a wide selection of torture implements available, as the success of a gymnasium is correlated partly to the amount of equipment it has to offer.
2. A moneymaking enterprise that offers a cheap, long-term membership deal right around New Year's to entice January Joiners bent on fulfilling their New Year's resolutions. The amount of revenue these fickle individuals generate for the fitness industry is unfathomable.
I only phrase definition (1) like this because I'm paying 69 Euro/month to put myself in pain. The gymnasium's my dominatrix. I wonder why no one else uses a Gimp outfit for their workout gear, and why I get such odd looks when I do.

2: (Suckers...)
by ScabNainz January 19, 2006
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Located in Birkerod, Denmark.

Filled with cake-face "dullers" in the danish system.
Home to the I.B. system and the pre-I.B.'s.
Birkerod's politiparken is the new Norrebronx.

Kostskole/Boarding School:
A place for drug tests, warnings, and C-hall sluts.
Where all the parties are, a hotel for the non-boarders.
"Birkerod Gymnasium is so kickass."
by ehabempire. September 6, 2009
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worst school ever. as the name implies its full of animals (tier = animal).

Everyone that visits this school needs therapy.
Cant even use your phone without getting fucked by the teachers.
Beware of the math teachers, they will give you depression (Ms. Bischof)
Also Mr. Reiners is the coolest person to exist ever.
Joe: Apparently some students at Gymnasium Tiergarten needed therapy after finishing school.
Kevin: Yes, and some others commited suicide due to the lack of competence at this school.
by CykaBlyat1202 February 17, 2023
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Munkensdam Gymnasium is the BEST school in Denmark. It is located in Kolding, Jutland, Denmark. Only the coolest people go there..
Munkensdam Gymnasium had the most awesome party last Friday! I cannot wait until I go back to Munkensdam Gymnasium next fall.
by exchangestudentA May 4, 2011
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Metephor for having sex with a female that is very "loose". The extra vaginal space can be compared to swinging a cat by it's tail in a large room, such as a gymnasium.
Jim: "Yo, I heard you've been banging Samantha. She good in bed?"
Joe: "Dude, that chick's been around. Banging her is like swinging a cat in a gymnasium."
by thewakeupguy April 23, 2008
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