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a place full of arrogant immature people. the freshman are annoying, no one pays attention to sophomores, juniors are just there, and seniors think they're the shit. people either try too hard to stand out or too hard to fit in. there's a fight happening at least once a week due to all the stupid drama about this girl fucking this girls boyfriend. about 83% of kids tried/do mary jane. of that 83%, like 20% do some other shit like coke or steroids. most if not all the guys think they're from east chicago and like to dress up as a gangster, thinkin' they're tough shit, even if there is corn for miles and are no where near the ghetto. we're best know for the football team of jackasses who think they're so cool but in reality they're just really selfish dicks. the cheerleaders think they're the best goddamned thing that's ever walked the planet. everyone is just tryna one up everyone to be the best and do whatever the cool thing is to do. basically, the guys are assholes, the girls are sluts, & most teachers are dumb.

'nuff said.
dude: "yo bro, i'm moving to lowell, so i'll have to go to lowell high school."
other dude: "sucks for you. that school is full of fake ass bitches and arrogant bastards."
dude: "fuck."
by kkkkkdawgggggg January 20, 2011

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