1. To delay
2. To forget
3. To plain old fuck something up
"Dude, you're late!" "Sorry, I was lounding"

Damn, I lounded today...I forgot to pick up my check

I crashed my car yesterday...man, you're a lounder!
by Danny February 11, 2005
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A person who behaves in a blatantly lazy manner at times when a task must be done.

To deliberately, conspicuously shirk responsibilities and engage in relaxation instead.
My brother James was such a lound during spring-cleaning yesterday; all he did was sit on a recliner and take naps.

I think I'd rather lound out while the rest of my group discusses how to complete our project on particle physics.


The definition applied to "lound" in this manner resulted from a typo (lound) during text-message dialogue. The typo caught on and subsequently was used to refer to extreme laziness, mostly based on the phonetic sound of the word "lound". The word was frequently used in such a manner as the following and etc:
person 1 - so what's up =D
person2 - nothin, just lounding around
person 1 - lol, so loundish
person 2 - (-__-) yep
by theRedJaguar January 03, 2016
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1.burping on the f-train

2. a baby's face when it sees a dinosaur in the kitchen.
1. whoa, i lounded yesterday like crazy on the subway the other day. CRAZY.

2. you should have heard little Danny's lound. it was nuts the other day when that t-rex showed up at dinner. also CRAZY.
by Khera November 15, 2007
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