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A comination of chuckling and snorting. Ususally designated as a description of a weird laugh.
"You are soo high!" the Albanian foreign exchange student chortled.
by Shin Akuma November 03, 2003
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Sucking dick in an aggressive manner, often times going down the throat.
"Damn dude, Stacy chortled my balls last night."
"Nice man, but watch out, she's a hoe."
by Rc__ November 01, 2017
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To laugh

NB. This word is found only in certain British boy's comics, namely the Dandy and the Beano. It is extremely rare to use it in normal speech, unless inviting laughter.
"That was so funny!", Sam chortled.
by zimman August 02, 2005
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a chortle is a gleeful chuckle or laugh you make when you REALLY enjoy something.

CHORTLES! yay this candy is amazing.
by Abbygail March 16, 2007
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Noun: Not quite pants, not quite shorts, only for men, only is beige.
Noun: The type of laughter that is silent then turns into a series of grunts.

This originated in Minneapolis, a group of kids wore the same set of shorts/pants everyday, and always made this kid laugh the same kind of way. Thus, his laugh matched the sound "Chortle" and "Chortle" acurately described the pant/shorts.
1. "Yo skinny man, you better put some sunblock on your lower calves if you plan on wearing those chortles."

2."Mutherfucker, don't chortle when I'm talking to you, this is serious."
by Roberto Joolez November 07, 2004
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