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The male proceeds to sit in a reclining chair. Once in the chair he reclines back as far as he can. The female positions herself above him he proceeds to rock back and forward propelling is candy cane in and out of the female. The male and female positions can be reveresed producing the reverse recliner probiding the female has a strap on.
"Man this morning I did a reverse recliner with my wife it broudened my horizons for a while."
by Shrillspiker June 01, 2017
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Something every man wants, fuck sitting next to people.
Hand over the La-Z-Boy recliner and no one loses a limb!
by Oz January 17, 2005
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Sexual position. The man is on bottom with his feet on the bed and knees in the air. The woman lies with her back to his knees and he inserts himself into her. Regular doggy-style thrusting from him. The recliner is excellent for g-spot stimulation due to the angle of penetration
My husband and I love the recliner! It's the highlight of the week for me!
by March 26, 2011
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