When you are a nervous fucker and just saying ok isnt enough
John: H-hey, d-do u know what the assignment is?
Ashley: Yeah, you gotta write 500 pages on modern economic growth
John: okok
by ScrotumMcFaggotKing June 4, 2017
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"Here's the homework," girl says
"Okok godo," raccoon man replies
by ok ok godo November 2, 2020
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if it’s from a girl...it’s either yea shut up, or ok isn’t enough
hey do you know the answer....
its b
okok cool
by that one god. March 19, 2021
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When a white Polish/Romanian immigrant is found at the border by border police with sagging female boobs. Often used by border police or by friends mocking their foreign friends in texts or conversation.
Border police: "Okok wewe. You can't pass. Wewe! You'll become even worse. Wewe, when you're older..."
Immigrant: "But I have my passport..."
Border police: "OKOK WEWE!!!"
by Iamawesome12C January 7, 2014
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