look at that old fuck over there, he's gotta be at LEAST 102.
by beckydoo January 22, 2009
An old fellow who has alot more to him than you think. A continued long stager of the fuckery personality aswell. Alot different to an old fart who just wishes to grow old and just exist instead of living.
by JohnJohnboy June 25, 2010
when your fuck a person that is over 60 years old. like your grandmother or an old babysitter or something.
Person 1: dude i fucked our babysitter.
Person 2: dude she was in her 60s.
Person 1: we were in LOVE!!!!
Person 2: haha you had an old fuck.
by bearded abe March 5, 2005
When an older person does something characteristic of being old such as turning left from the wrong lane or driving very slowly on the freeway.
There goes Grandpa again, as usual he’s pulling an old fuck!
by Dr Bunnygirl July 3, 2021

Your on your on the 8th hour of partying and roughly your 8th ecstasy tablet and everything is in chaos. Some prefer this over New Fucked Up. Vision could be distorted (See: Spirals) and everything is funny. Some never see the light of "Old Fucked Up" but its there you just need to tap into it.
Do you remember when jimmy was seeing the flower move? He was Old Fucked Up.
by specialk2hz May 15, 2006
*40-50 year old man with bear guy or barrel chest, sometimes both
*Owns and over wears a pair of white cargo shorts
*Almost always shirtless
*Respects beer more than women
*Owns a Bow Flex or some other as seen in tv work out bench
Charles: "Is dad ready yet?"
Mary: "he won't change out of those shorts and says he won't put on a shirt till he finishes his beer."
Charles: "He really is an old fuck boy."
by Ocdove April 21, 2016