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extremely amazing, completely awesome, intensely cool, refering to a seemingly unatainable feat or goal
"That was totaly lofty"
by totesloft September 25, 2011
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Music so good it could elicit sexual arousal.
The new We Came As Romans albums is chock full of bonerjams.
by lpvitus October 28, 2009
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Intoxicated on marijuana. High, baked, stoned, toked, faded, blunted, lit, grass-lifted, toasted, smashed, blitzed, bombed, blazed.
Mary: Hey, what do you want to do?
Jane: I just got some kush so let's get lofty.
by Lofty Jack May 06, 2010
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To be “Lofty” one must be under the influence of prescription drugs. Usually it is Norco, Percocets, or Oxy initiated. The feeling is when the drugs finally hit you and you feel like you are on a cloud. A complete numbness throughout your body penetrates you. The term “loft” refers to a higher place, which is where “Lofty” comes in. You are in a loft within yourself, an elevated sensation not usually experienced.

As one drinks alcohol, the term is getting drunk.

As one smokes pot, the term is getting high.

As one uses prescriptions, the term is getting lofty.
What’s on tonight’s agenda boys? I’ve got some Norcos, let’s get Lofty boys!

Damn bro... feeling on cloud nine right now.. feeling super lofty.

How do you feel after that pill? - shit bro, I feel lofty as fuck.
by CBAX October 20, 2019
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1. Works with BOB the BUILDER (kids cartoon)as a crane- who is afraid of heights.

2. Alternatively, lofts are normally up in a roof. Therefore
Lofty is to be up high or drug high and have a fluffy as moustache.
1. bob: come on lofty help lower cliffhanger back down.
lofty: i can't, i'm afraid to look down.

2. Here comes lofty, RESPECT! (everybody laughs at him until he leaves)
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