People who think they're cool but can't spell, let alone write a sentence that makes sense. Simply scroll through the comments. There are lots of them!
Uneducated is someone who spells "urban" as "erbun".
by Easy Writer January 25, 2009
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Someone who doesn't understand real world problems like racism, gender equality and rights etc. They are not educated on real problems.
John is so uneducated, ugh, damn cracker needs to be educated.
by Jenna Lerner March 15, 2016
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Typical Biden supporter who always skips school
-Person 1: You are uneducated

-Person 2: Sorry, but you are the one who voted for Biden, and not me :D
by thesmartkid420 July 6, 2021
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a derogatory word used to describe working-class people, often mistaking pretentious shows of education for intelligence and wisdom, or assuming that ignorance and foolishness are symptoms of poverty
I met someone today who didn't know the difference between a desert fork and a soufflé fork. I say, these uneducated people will be the downfall of America.

Well I never! I overheard a vagrant African American uttering that the rich should be taxed more heavily despite the fact that John D. Rockefeller's "Some Random Reminiscences of Men and Events," which he probably has not even read, clearly states otherwise. How uneducated can a person be?
by Urban Dictionary account August 24, 2017
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used to define those of which do not know the current standards of cyberworld language; the uneducated users of cyberworld.
uses normal use of "=", "*", and lack of punctuation at correct time.
Jessica commented to Justin saying:
wats up!!!!"
Justin didn't want to reply, due to the fact Jessica is "cyberworld uneducated"
by anonymous723723 January 18, 2009
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