When you're so lit (fun, wild) , you need that extra -ty .
Person A: *acting extra lit*
Person B: Damn, you litty af!
by baeby brooklyn November 17, 2017
The word 'litty' refers to 'literal spaz'. Someone who lacks intelligence or any sort of common sense can be marked as a litty.
If someone asks if Anchorman the film is a true story you could reply with " you are such a litty!"
by feralchild June 30, 2009
Pronounced: lit-ee. Adjective

Reaching the pinnacle of 'lit-ness.' The ultimate expression of extreme satisfaction, coolness or dopeness.

Pioneered by Miguel, Christy, Erik and Will from the 559.
Dude, this Ampersand ice cream is litty af.

I love our fam, we're so f***kin' litty.

That kitty sure is litty.
by MiggyG07 April 18, 2017
What cool people in 2018 say instead of “lit” which is so last year
“Litty! Litty!”
by Miss Deed January 15, 2018
I doper way to say "lit".

Lit be overrated in this day & age.

Litty is the new wave.
Yo you missed that party yesterday, that shit was litty.
by joflooo February 2, 2016