To be prepared, mentally and/or physically, for extreme opposition; typically used in reference to an aggressive or potentially violent situation.

The phrase originates with American hunters and woodsmen in regions frequented by the brown bear. Brown bears are the largest land-based predator on earth, and when expecting to deal with them the hunters would bring much more powerful rifles than they would if hunting other game.
When the police responded to the reports of a men in body armor with AK-47s robbing a bank, they came loaded for bear.
by Wyldfire2112 October 17, 2010
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Carrying more equipment than necessary. Overloaded. It can be used in a variety of ways meaning a person is equipped more than necessary for his/her prey.
A woman dresses "to the nines" with high heels, lipstick, new hair-do, perfume, etc. for club-hopping. "She's loaded for bear."
A youth is going hunting for squirrel but takes his father's high-powered rifle and a shotgun. He's loaded for bear.
by David Porter October 12, 2003
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A female's ability to receive a man's load; usually in reference to her face.
Ex. "Did you see the face on her?" "Yeah, she had load-bearing features."
by DL & CP for UD July 21, 2014
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A set of fertile balls ready to deliver a mammoth baby making load
Rita said she was in the baby making window, and boy was she in luck, I bombed her with my Load Bearing Balls.
by Tee Cee Deez March 16, 2019
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Something that seems trivial or unrelated to a larger thing, until you try to remove it. From a Simpsons episode where Rod (or Todd) tries to remove a Krusty the Clown poster from his wall, only to watch the wall start to crumble apart
Bart said to Rod "Careful... That's a load bearing poster."
by Just another coffee addict January 26, 2016
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A fantasy/sci-fi cliche, wherein the defeat of a given villain triggers the catastrophic destruction of its immediate environment, ie: the dungeon collapses, the planet explodes, the spacecraft implodes into the 37th dimension, etc.
Game Master: "The giant falls dead, but just as you think you're safe you feel the floor of the cavern begin to shake and rumble ominously."

Player: "Aw crap, he's a load bearing monster! Loot the body and run!"
by Feo2 February 03, 2009
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