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Hey hey hey! It's Krusty's Komedy Kontraption....wait a minute....
by Rob Templin February 13, 2003
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When your penetration crevice secretes so much moisture that it freezes when it is cold outside causing a chastity device
Did you see that hoe aminta's pants she looks krusty!
Boi watch your secretion you could get krusty
by moistee boi January 06, 2017
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Someone who is gross, annoying, and won't leave you alone. They also attract ticks in their bed and have a fro.
by Jquaaa12 October 01, 2015
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Something that is great and awesome. Synonym to dank.
Ex 1. This is a krusty jam (song)!
Ex 2. We have one krusty squad.
Ex 3. Wow have you hear of that Andrew Chow kid he's krusty as fuck!
Ex 4. This party is so fucking krusty
Ex 5. This hamburger is krusty AF!
Ex 6. This movie is so krusty!
Ex 7. This day is so krusty

It can truly be used in any sentence or to answer any question

Q1: What's 9+10? A: Krusty
Q2: What's the capital of California? A: Krusty
Q3: When is your birthday? A: Krusty
Q4: How are you? A: Krusty
Q5: Why are you home so late? A: Krusty
Q6: How do you plead? A: Krusty
by KrustyChow March 06, 2017
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A word for a completely annoying person whom nobody likes but won't leave people alone. A person who seems to radiate a strong desire of hate towards them.
Other Qualities:
* Barges into conversations
* Invites self to parties/events
* Sometimes walks like a duck
* Steals Food Without Asking
* Generally Skanky Behaviour
* Gets fisted a lot
Olly: I'm so gunna punch her in the baby maker
Scott: Olly do you not know?
Olly: Know what?
Scott: She got fisted.
Olly: (face crumples) URRRGHHH! SHES A KRUSTY!
by Mazzy B March 18, 2009
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something/someone that is being shady. another words when u see something nasty and thats the first thing you think of.
looking at someones nasty,chipped,ganggreen, toenails. and there so nasty the only word to descibe it is damn thats krusty. a word like it maybe shady.
by jesusrape July 10, 2009
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