Pads inserted into a woman's bra to make her breasts appear larger.

See also wonderbra, wondermeter.
When Pam arrived at work with breasts larger than they had been the day before, Dave knew she was wearing her body armor.
by Led Zeppole October 6, 2003
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Body Armor is a healthy drink made for high performance: it’s uses ranging from extreme athletes to many people with daily jobs. It far surpasses Gatorade and Powerade as a healthy replenishment of necessary vitamins, sugars, and nutrients. It includes ingredients such as coconut water, electrolytes, and at least for different B-Vitamins.

Careful though, if you drink to much when you don’t need replenishment, it’s the same as Gatorade, and will give throat ache and heartburn (acid reflux)
Liam: Man, I feel like I’ll die after running that mile in 100 degrees Fahrenheit

Olivia: Here, I brought us each a Body Armor drink, that’ll fix you in five minutes!
by Health nut 🥜 July 9, 2020
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The act of duct taping life-like baby dolls to your body to serve as armor.

Note: Works best with female midget baby dolls as there are smaller "holes" in the armor.
Joe: I have to go back for a second tour in Iraq. I hope the government has given us a fresh supply of baby body armor.
by fatassblackboy October 10, 2006
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You ever wish you could protect yourself from others, AND rid yourself of them in the process? Well then, Insta-Kill Body Armor® is for you! Featuring a wide variety of uses, Insta-Kill Body Armor® can be used in close clashes, ranged opposition, and is even useful at the dinner table! Insta-Kill Body Armor® also features many different models, including cushioned, round, and even models made of pure fire!
"Ugh, I really wish this person would leave me alone!"
"You ever hear of Insta-Kill Body Armor®?"
by Dr. Awsum April 9, 2021
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