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A guy who is caring and sporty. He can make you laugh, is extremely kind and probably gorgeous. He is a lot of fun to hang out with and is very original, creative and can entertain you endlessly.
If you ever get hold of a Bart: never let him go, you'll regret it.
"Damn, I turned that guy down, he asked me to prom with him."
-"What?! But he's definitely a Bart!"
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Bay Area Rapid Transit; series of both underground and above-ground trains used to travel the San Francisco / Oakland Bay Area.
I took BART to get to the Oakland A's game.
by MP437 September 06, 2005
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short for the combination of words "you will be alright." some times too long to say when referring to some one that has done or acted in a stupid manor.
oh my gosh i cant believe you dude you'll bart.
by marly mar October 17, 2010
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A fun guy who gets you to drink way more than you planned to.
I was only gonna have a couple of drinks, but I got barted and drank a whole fifth of scotch.
by micklepickle November 28, 2010
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The state of being down syndrome, autism induced, unresponsive, aspergered ass baked/alcohol poisoning. Barter than Barter 6.
Yo last weekend me and my niggas took 3 blunts to the dome and drank the entire bottle of Henny, we were barter than Barter 6.
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by Bartinator3000 December 04, 2016
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