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When you initially think something sucks ass and then you end up liking it after more exposure. The effect itself is named after the musical duo 100 gecs, whose fanbase frequently makes jokes about this.
Person 1: I fucking hate money machine, why am I listening to it so much that I'm starting to like it?
Person 2: the gec effect
by blue_heart July 26, 2020
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1: Man, my dad got cancer and we can't afford it. I've gotta set up a GoFundMe now...
2: Damn, that sucks.
by blue_heart November 22, 2022
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A trans man is the real self-made man because getting rich requires help from other people.
by blue_heart December 22, 2020
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The act of going directly to someone's place of residence and leaving them a package, rather than sending it through the mail. The contents can be anything from a glitter bomb to a legitimate gift.
I'm bored and that prick who stole my lunch last week isn't home, so I'm gonna reverse porch pirate him with my cat's used litter.
by blue_heart February 14, 2023
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A seemingly unnecessary file in a computer program, which causes the entire program to stop working for unknown reasons when it is removed. The term originates from an online hoax about an image of a coconut in the files for Team Fortress 2, which supposedly caused this problem when deleted.
Windows is such an unoptimized mess under the hood, but it's probably impossible to fix it because it might be full of load-bearing coconuts.
by blue_heart January 30, 2023
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