Liviu, Is a name giving by god of Beauty and therefore is the and are good in bed.
Hello Liviu.
by MidgetStomper90000 March 27, 2019
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The King of all kings, The Man one above a god, The Legend. Liviu is the sexiest man in the universe and is much better than Kansan Rajeswaren. All Praise Liviu!!!!
I prayed to Liviu today and instantly pulled 20 girls at a club.
by VegetablesIsGod June 15, 2020
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The greatest classically trained turned rock guitarist ever allowed to grace mortal individuals. God of Music and Love. Leader of The Umbrella Corporation Security team, and cousin to Herman Li.
That Guy is such a Liviu!
by Alexander Birkin February 13, 2008
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Someone who was beaten with a belt on his face when he was little by his mom. Any animal who touches kill themselves afterwards.He usually wears an undershirt because his mother said so.
Guy:Dude,why do you wear an undershirt in the summer?
Liviu:My mother told me...
by Ricardo Backman May 11, 2019
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A teacher at Virginia Tech. He died when a student went on a killing spree. Liviu Librescu survived the Holocaust. He survived in Communist Romania. He was a very smart man and, in his final moments, proved himself a hero. Liviu blocked the door to his class so his students could escape. He was shot around five times but his noble sacrifice acheived the desired end. His class (save for one) escaped to safety.
If any of you want a definition of selflessness then look no further than this man. Life had given him a bad deal from childhood yet when push came to shove his compassionate, brave spirit could not be crushed.
He is burried in Israel. At last beyond the hardships of this world.
Liviu Librescu sacrificed his own life to save his students.
by Tyburn December 8, 2007
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The evilest piece of shit.
He is the president of the leading socialist party in Romania. He and his cabinet gave an ordinance in the middle of the night that decriminalised certain comitted crimes, especially the abuse of power. Dragnea is convicted in several criminal files and the ordinance was given for him and people like him, so they could steal as much as they wanted, without being charged for it. This caused masive protests in the whole country. Over 600 000 people came in the streets, protesting, but he just didn't fucking care. So this is him: just a motherfucking criminal peasant.
A: Hey, did you hear the last bullshit Liviu Dragnea said? He says that he is innocent.
B: Hah, what a plonker! I don't think he is capable of saying anything true.
by the_artist February 27, 2017
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