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When you slide one finger up a girls butt, pull it out and sneak two fingers in with the second finger flush behind the first. Once they are both in, seperate and spread your fingers apart.
Last night my girl freaked when I gave her the umbrella.
by DruPaul April 25, 2007
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When your arm is elbow deep inside of a girl or man(or wild animal if you are from Omaha) and you spread your fist open like an umbrella opening up.
Me and my boyfriend were playing ventriloquist last night and he had his arm elbow deep in my ass then he hit me with the umbrella and I don't think I'm gonna shit right for a week.
by I buy snappy August 14, 2017
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Someone who has horrible game, he prevents every girl in his reach from getting wet. This may not always be the girl that The Umbrella himself is trying to hook up with.. sometimes The Umbrella is so big it prevents your girl from getting wet as well.
Man we were all gonna get laid, and then Eddie the Umbrella showed up and cock blocked all of us.

Man, he is such an Umbrella man, it was raining pussy up in here, and then boom Eddie showed up.... The Umbrella!
by the40yearoldpirate March 02, 2009
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this is a move done by stripper's. when there on the pole grinding for there money and an interested customer decides to make it rain. they place their hands over their head to protect from any change that may have been accidently incorporated, protecting themselves from serious injury.
Pimp: Ay bitch what happened to yo head?
Shaniqua: Pacman Jones was in the club last night, acting a fool and when he made it rain there was 3 nickels and a dime in in, cut my muhfucking head.
Pimp: bitch you know to protect yo'self, i taught you the umbrella...
Shaniqua: i know fool i was taking my thomg off at the time i couldn't protect myself.
Pimp: stupid ho...
by daz a l June 20, 2007
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