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Someone who hates the English peoples. This can be due to past human rights abuses, wars, racial or religious hatred or a good natured rivalry.
France and England have a mutual dislike steeped in history which is a big part of both cultures. France is Anglophobic and England is Francophobic.

Scottish nationalists would be happy to watch English children die because their anglophobia comes from a deep rooted racism.

Al Queda is anglophobic because English people are mostly Atheist.
by Tyburn December 07, 2007
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Any figure in a Republic who claims to be the President of that specific nation despite not being elected by the popular vote OR claiming to be the President even whilst an elected President is in office.
Jefferson Davis, as head of the Confederate States of America, could be considered an 'Anti-President'.
by Tyburn January 15, 2013
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A Brazillian cartoonist and very picky humanitarian. Latuff would have you believe that he cares about all the peoples of all the world. But that's just bullshit to cover up his hypocrisy and racism.
Truth is, if you're white or American the chances are he hates you.
The only people this faggot likes are Palestinian terrorists who want to use bombs and gangsterism to make their pointless lives even more pointless.
Oh, and Latuff The Humanitarian is also bosom-buddies with the Iranian regime, considering he went to one of their charmind Holocaust denial conferences and drew a pretty picture to demonise the Jews - his most favouriteist scapegoat of all time.
And yet he's idolised by the young, neo-Anarchist crowd who can't see what a self-righteous, pathetic, backwards cunt he really is.
Carlos Latuff champions democracy in poorer countries but does not want to DISCUSS his militant, offensive views.

Carlos Latuff urges people to feel compassion for Palestinian "freedom fighters" but mocks the deaths of US servicemen.
by Tyburn November 08, 2009
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Former Minister of Magic. Died after torture. Possibly a vampire.
Rufus Scrimgeour succeeded Cornelius Fudge.
by Tyburn December 07, 2007
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Branch of Christianity. Protestants believe that Jesus is the head of the Church. They reject Papal authority and the percieved excesses of the Catholic church.
Protestants are also remarkably unpopular amongst a great deal of people due to the actions of a small number of them. But in the most part they are simply Christians who wish to worship without a central authority, without a buffer between man and God and without the ritualism of other branches of the faith.
Jack became a Protestant after attending a Church sermon.

There are tensions in Ireland between Catholic and Protestant groups.

Graham dislikes Protestants because he is an Athesist.
by Tyburn December 07, 2007
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A government characterised by the sexual misconduct of its leaders. A term of political alarmism, it has recently been applied to the regime of Silvio Berlusconi in Italy.
The reign of men such as Rodrigo Borgia, Silvio Berlusconi and Bill Clinton could be described as a pornocracy.
Whilst it is a slur, it does accurately represent the sleaze element of their respective administrations.
by Tyburn October 04, 2011
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To be killed in a protracted, almost ridiculous way.

Derives from the case of Grigori Rasputin who was poisoned with cyanide, shot at least twice and then thrown in the River Neva. He was then dug up by Bolsheviks and his remains set on fire.
The posthumous execution of Benito Mussolini in 1945 and Oliver Cromwell in 1660 was classic Rasputinism.

by Tyburn December 07, 2007
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