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Emperor of Rome, succeded Tiberius.
When he was little, he was beloved by the Roman army. They nicknamed him "Little Boots" and made him their mascot.

Indeed, it appeared as though Caligula had it all. But Roman politics soon took it all from him.
Tiberius had most of his family killed and took little Caligula to live with him on the Isle of Capri.
It's hard to imagine how the young man felt, having to serve the same man who shattered his life.
But it seems likely that it left him with a lingering hatred of Rome, it's traditions and politicians.

So, when Caligula became Emperor, people initially rejoiced. But he soon ushered in an anarchic reign, designed to ridicule the establishment.
He made the army gather seashells, he threatened to make his horse - Incitatus - a senator, he dressed as Roman Gods.
The Roman elite would only take so much of this mockery. Eventually, they cornered Caligula in a hall way and hacked him to death.
Caligula is often portrayed as being insane. But it seems more likely that he was merely filled with a loathing of Rome because of his traumatic childhood.

Caligula's attacks on the establishment indicate that he was some form of primoridal anarchist. His actions were calculated, rather than being the random antics of a maniac.
by Tyburn February 28, 2010
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King of England. He is known for marrying seven women. Two of which were beheaded for a variety of reasons. He also attempted to remove the Catholic Church from England through widespread destruction, looting and executions. The greatest threat to his rule was a revolt know as "The Pilgrimage of Grace" who were led by Robert Aske. Due to Henry VIII's ruthlessness and powers of deception the ringleaders were eventually rounded up and executed.
Won the Battle of The Spurs against the French and declared "Defender of The Faith" by the Pope, a title that Monarchs in England still hold to this day.
He is remembered as a tyrant but arguably did much to add legitimacy to the crown after years of bloody civil war between the Lancastrians and the Yorkists.
Henry VIII was the King of England.

Henry VIII created the Church of England.

Henry VIII was a strong, yet murderous, ruler.
by Tyburn December 7, 2007
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A Scottish rebel immortalised in the film Braveheart. Despite claims that he murdered men, women, children and religious figures there is no doubt that he fought bravely for his cause.
Eventually he was defeated and subjected to the worst form of capital punishment ever devised. Hanging, drawing and quartering. First dragged to the gallows. Then hung. Then cut down. Then gutted. Then beheaded and cut into quarters. However, this punishment did not have the desired effect and Scottish rebellions would continue for many years.
To this day Wallace remains both a national hero and, to some, an excuse for Anglophobia.
I hate the English. Look what they did to William Wallace!

The execution of William Wallace intensified the resolve of Scottish rebels.
by Tyburn December 7, 2007
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Branch of Christianity. Protestants believe that Jesus is the head of the Church. They reject Papal authority and the percieved excesses of the Catholic church.
Protestants are also remarkably unpopular amongst a great deal of people due to the actions of a small number of them. But in the most part they are simply Christians who wish to worship without a central authority, without a buffer between man and God and without the ritualism of other branches of the faith.
Jack became a Protestant after attending a Church sermon.

There are tensions in Ireland between Catholic and Protestant groups.

Graham dislikes Protestants because he is an Athesist.
by Tyburn December 7, 2007
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To fall down a set of stairs.
To humiliate oneself in a public setting.
To bumble.
Gerlad Ford fell down the steps of Air Force One! He just did a Ford!

I might do a Ford and forget to wear clothes in front of my Mother-In-Law.
by Tyburn December 8, 2007
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Controversial President of the United States of America. Succeeded Bill Clinton and defeated Al Gore in the 2000 election. He is known for his strong religious convictions, initiating the "War On Terror", creating the PATRIOT Act, unusual speaking manner (Called "Bushisms" by some) and foreign policy choices which a large number of people disagree with. Unfortunately his actions have given Westerners, Americans and Christians a bad name. And some, such as Michael Moore, have gone as far as to say this his 2000 election victory was rigged.
Also known for his close, much ridiculed, relationship with former Prime Minister Tony Blair.
I find George W. Bush's decision to invade Iraq repugnant.

As an Atheist I find George W. Bush's overt Christianity disturbing.

I voted for George W. Bush
by Tyburn December 7, 2007
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A government characterised by the sexual misconduct of its leaders. A term of political alarmism, it has recently been applied to the regime of Silvio Berlusconi in Italy.
The reign of men such as Rodrigo Borgia, Silvio Berlusconi and Bill Clinton could be described as a pornocracy.
Whilst it is a slur, it does accurately represent the sleaze element of their respective administrations.
by Tyburn October 4, 2011
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