Herman Li: the worlds only living paradox. The lead guitarist for the speed-power-metal band Dragonforce. Shreds notes that do not even exist on a guitar's fretboard, able to hit 103.5 nps (Notes Per Second), only to have ever been beaten by Jesus himself, with an average of 105.6 nps. Along with Sam Totman, they create solos that have actually been recorded to launch multi-dimensional black holes from the top frets of their guitars. On one such occasion, Herman's pick actually started melting somewhere around 00:37 seconds into their track "Fury of the Storm" He then quickly ripped the zipper off of his fly and continued playing for the rest of the song. Unfortunately, half way through their solo, despite the zippers rest by Herman tapping, it started to spark,
actually igniting a fans hair. Nevertheless, he continued playing. At around 5:16, when Herman performed a "dive bomb" effect, the croud noticed the guitars strings to have actually "bent" into the top 20 frets. The croud suspected they were just seeing things, but by around 5:32, the bend had become bigger, and Herman's own hair started getting sucked into what seemed to be, -quote- "A mini vortex of awesomeness" As the solo continued, the hole got larger and larger, but the headbanging got stronger and stronger, until a little child was actually sucked out of his mothers arms and launched into the hole.
Other uses of the word "Herman Li" can be used as following
-"I just so Herman Li'ed the song" Meaning you hit absolutely every note in a Dragonforce song while being drunk.
-"You so just got Herman Li'ed" Meaning as in a guitar duel, you got absolutely annihalated by Herman Li or Jesus.

The word Herman Li cannot be used by many, as it is almost impossible to play anywhere near half as fast and good as him.
by trickshot9 June 24, 2007
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Guitarist in the power metal band Dragonforce. He was born in Hong Kong and is the person who started Dragonforce. Herman Li is a self-taught with the guitar (and is extremely fast.) Although Herman Li is left-handed, he uses a right handed guitar; Li is known for his amazing signature guitar solos, where he switches his hands (right hand for fretting and left for "shredding." He also uses a Digitech Whammy Pedal and Wah Pedal To create some of his signature guitar sounds.
Herman Li is one of the best guitarists that I have ever heard. His solos are amazing. If you haven't heard any of Dragonforce's songs do a youtube search NOW for "Dragonforce" or "Dragonforce Stepmania" NOW!
by Siril Frein June 28, 2006
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Some shred-head who plays in dragonForce along with fellow guitarist Sam Totman. Neither guitar player can actually pull off the songs live and when you listen to their studio work the guitars wreak of protools, That is why i call them studioforce. They use the studio to make it seem like they have talent but live they simply can't deliver
Guy 1: Hey man don't you just love Herman Li, he is incredible!!!!

Guy 2: Ok now watch this live video on Youtube!!

Guy 1: Shit so they can only play decent guitar in the studio?!

Guy 2: Thats right :) so if you really want true talent go Listen to Paul Gilbert Instead.
by ElectricShoes July 11, 2008
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Herman Li is one of the two guitarists in the band Dragonforce. His guitar playing on the Dragonforce records is known for being quite fast, but he is regarded as not being able to reproduce his solos well live. He is also known for making music inspired by video games, such as Pac-Man, and Super Mario, as well as being able to reproduce other odd noises in his guitar. This has sparked many over-dubbed parody videos on youtube.
Herman Li loves t3h A Major 7 LOLKATZ!!!1!one!!!11@@222twenty-two@2
by metalhobo4663 August 26, 2007
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Lead guitarist of DragonForce. Can't play his own songs live without missing 3/4's of the notes. Don't believe the live videos on youtube, those are just good ones, where you can't even tell how much he is messing up. The guitar is sped up in the studio, and corrected to the appropriate pitch so it sounds like he is playing that fast without the chipmunk sounding effect you get from speeding something up. But still sounds different than if you actually play that fast.

Even if he could play that fast he still isn't a good guitarist. He is ok, none of his riffs are that great, most attention doesn't come from his skill but his "speed".
Newbie Metalhead: OMGZ HERMAN LI PWNZ!
Metalhead: Shut the fuck up.
by joe725 November 22, 2007
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The most overrated guitarist in the world. He shreds sloppily and he sucks. Kerry King could kick his ass back to La-La-Land.
Herman Li's just another Chinese product that fails.
by Element X-5 October 4, 2007
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A title given to any wannabe, self centered guitar player. It is used to describe appaling playing where the most of the notes are being hidden by delay. Occasionally, the Herman Li is able to hide his talentless playing with distasteful pick scratching, video game sounds, and whammy pedal and bar use. The shear lack of any musical knowledge or skill is also applicable to the Herman Li.

The Herman Li is the epitome of a horrible guitar player. Those who try to kid themselves by thinking they can play guitar, who hide their true abilites by overlaying with delay, or who walk around with a sort of cock eyed I-am-a-rockstar attitdue may be dubbed a Herman Li.

A live performance is the key in identifying Herman Li's. Those who cannot play what they claim to or what they have recorded are considered Herman Li's.

Nobody wants to be a Herman Li. It is the ultimate slap in the face to your musical skills. AVOID AT ALL COSTS to be a Herman Li, and by no means necessary may one play through the equipment the actual Herman Li uses or play the same material he plays.

The Herman Li is only cheating himself from real guitar playing. Do not be fooled by the phony guitar playing or egotistic antics. Unfortunatly if one is dubbed a Herman Li one can never be anything else, and that is just too bad.
Friend: Hey, did you see that guy at Guitar Center playing on the Line 6 amps?

You: Ya. That guy is a total Herman Li. He can't play at all. I could give a chimp that same guitar and he would be able to play with more skill.
by shredape April 1, 2010
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