A type of relationship where partners play a role contrary to generally accepted norms. For example, a woman acts as a breadwinner and a man act as a housewife. This applies to all aspects of relationships, with no exceptions.
Man:I have role reversal relationship with my girlfriend
by Ragath August 24, 2019
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A type of relationships between man and a woman, where woman acts more actively, like a man in traditional relationships, hence the name, and man acts passively. Inviting a man to a date, for example, defending him or giving him presents.
-- Veronica asked me for a date yesterday, that's so role reversal!
-- Dude, that's great.

-- Oh, I love role reversal fanfiction.
-- Really? What's your OTP? My is Calhoun/Felix.
by Ramizan February 7, 2017
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A type of relationship where traditional gender roles are reversed. For instance a type of realtionships where woman is more of a pursuer and initiator while the guy acts more passive.
Wow, I really like seeing Role Reversal couples in movies.
by Ramizan July 11, 2018
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1. (General) A person in a nontraditional position
2. (A lifestyle) a lifestyle/ household (normally this applies to a heterosexual couple) in which the male is the home maker (house husband) and the female is the breadwinner.
3.( a personality type/ relationship type) by which a straight male acts feminine. And in turn a female is very masculine

For further reference see

*the term "house husband"
*the anime " life is like a cocktail"
*the manga "otomen

For an example see the word otomen
Jacob is the perfect roles reversed male, he packs his wife a cute lunch and has dinner, a hug, a glass of wine, and a fun movie to snuggle to when she comes home.
by Theamazinggeek April 22, 2018
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when a couple switch roles in the bedroom. So the dominant partner would become the sub while the sub becomes the dom. usually involves either gay couples switching roles or in a hetro relationship a female with a strap on fucking the male through anal.
Her: Im fed up of alwayd being the sub, do you wanna try a role-reversal? Him: yeah, sure but go slow.
by femininen't August 3, 2018
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If you had a tour or reenactment somewhere like a former plantation where black people got to be in the role of the masters, and white people in the role of slaves, you at least wouldn't have the same controversy and threats about shutting down or defunding something that has been around for a long time (and is loved by many people) and is intended to be educational or enjoyable and not hateful or abusive. Something as simple as reversing a few roles to give people a different view of the past than the same one they always have been shown would still teach people the same thing about history, but without confining one group of people into a pigeonhole, which doesn't make them feel welcome there. If that's not good enough for them, they can always go somewhere else, though it's unlikely they will find anywhere that will satisfy their demands if that isn't good enough.
The park went with a role reversal and white people started protesting about the tour being racist and threatening to defund the programs while black people appreciated just having a park to go to where they could opt to go on a tour or not go on a tour, since there was a bunch of shit to do there and a day at the park is usually a good day no matter what shade of skin you have. Hopefully it wouldn't take a bunch of cops that looked like gangbangers shooting unarmed white people for white cops to understand that it's not a good idea to shoot any unarmed civilians, no matter their shade of skin, even if you think the law will always be on your side no matter what you try to do, because then there would only be a lot more violence on all sides than there already is, and it could happen since anything is possible.
by The Original Agahnim June 16, 2021
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The exact opposite of a role model. A person that does virtually everything wrong and is the person you aspire NOT to be in life. A clusterfuck and a loser of epic proportions. If you do the opposite of everything this person does, you will be much better off.
Andy: What the actual fuck is Brett's problem? Why is he the way that he is?

Paul: Brett's what you call a "reverse role model". He lies, he cheats, he steals, he's ugly as sin. He's just a general piece of shit. Stay away from him because he will fuck you over when given the opportunity.

Andy: And I thought my middling 9-to-5 wagie life sucked. At least I'm not that guy.
by NippleFish666 February 15, 2023
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