fat narcissist, especially one prone to deception and theft
jordan over-ate, grew manboobs, went broke, then doctored bills to steal money from his own housemates... god, what a meatball!
by maker of minced meat May 8, 2008
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a girl who is very short, under 5 ft 1, thick, with a big ass and boobs to match. She is always a blast to be around and knows how to party! Made popular by Snooki and Deena.
"You see that short girl beatin' up that beat? She's a member of team meatball."
by CrPg December 5, 2011
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Noun: Usually applied to persons of evidencing a lack of common sense. Syn: Goof, Lackwit, Nimrod.
"Man, Mickey was trying to impress some girls, fell out of a tree and landed on his head... What a meatball."
by Chris A. March 31, 2003
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Meatball is a term to describe a rather dumb person. We all know the kind of people who never get the joke when its told. That is a meatball and they usually lack common sense.
Johnny Applebottom: hey man that meatball just picked up a tranny and mistaked it for a broad... even after they had sex!!
Smelly Kelly: Ew man totally meatarded.
by dan gemmbont February 10, 2007
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a term used during world war ii by the americans refering to the japanese. The large red circle on the flag vehicles and airplanes slightly rembles a meatball.
by Al_the_alky July 21, 2005
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a miserable, short italian kid who always thinks hes right
"you guys are stupid, i watch CNN. im obviously not a meatball"
by the ultimate secret January 19, 2007
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A fat Bitch who can't jump.
That meatball jumped like 2 inches off the ground.
by Kyle22 May 24, 2007
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