Short for 'literal torture'.
Yeah Doki Doki Literature Club was a truly underwhelming experience. What's the point of attempting to disguise this lame horror game as a cute dating sim if the title speaks of literal torture?
by EpicScientician September 18, 2021
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Anything written in print that's not Twilight.
Girl: Man, that was one good piece of literature!
Twilight fan: OMG I know, right? I loved Edward!
Girl: ... I'm not talking about that insult to even books in the School Library....
by xFallenMisery December 11, 2010
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Literature is understanding the deep meaning of twisted words and sentences that make no sense at first and messes with your head.
Person 1: I'm back from the test.
Person 2: Welcome back, how was it? c:
Person 1: I was given 20 minutes to write an essay and the only information on the paper was "The Teacher says that literature is an excellent Liberty"
Person 2: Oh.. Literature...
Person 1: I think I did a burnout from how horrible that simple sentence was .. Which I had to write something with ~
by Lilu Senpai June 22, 2016
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Literature is the all-inclusive term used to describe instructions or other small-typed text found in various products in small booklets or otherwise. A classic example of "fine American literature" would be Johnson & Johnson's literature on their rectal thermometers (see below).
An example of American literature:

"Every Rectal Thermometer made by Johnson & Johnson is personally tested and then sanitized." -from literature of rectal thermometers made by Johnson and Johnson
by Sid Barrett February 2, 2008
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Poorly written works that have managed to stick around and remain "popular" due to sensitive topics involved in the story and/or general laziness on the part of school boards and English classes.
Teacher: We're going to read some new literature in class.
Students: Gods, that was awful.
by Thaddeus M Guy, Esquire January 5, 2013
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1. This stuff.

2. (Verb) -To repeatedly litter in one specific (or general) area. (Noun) -a specific (or general) area that is te victim of repeated littering.
1. You are reading literature.

2. "Dude, the ditch on Hwy. 20 is such a literature."
by ClothyMonster April 28, 2011
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Part of speech - Verb
Tense - Very (in need of good massage)
Other Tense - Past, present, future, Jacob Marley
Origin - Torinsylvanian, originally meaning to hit someone with a cantaloupe
Definition - to do something in a literary setting that is brag worthy
Synonyms - writalenting, englisherizing
Used in a sentence - Man I'm so good at literatureizing
by wordwriter18495 January 8, 2021
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