An arrogant thing for somebody not originally from a town to say to somebody that really is from the town.
It would be as arrogant and inflammatory for somebody not originally from California or New York to wecome somebody who really was from California or New York as it is for somebody not originally from a town to welcome somebody who really was originally from the town back to the town. When somebody is in their own home or town, they don't need a welcome back from anybody, and they never will.
by The Original Agahnim August 10, 2021
A welcome is something you'll never need from anybody when you're home, in your own neighborhood, especially not from someone that isn't even from your neighborhood.
The outsiders were always the first ones to try to welcome back the guy to his own home and neighborhood for some reason. The people that were also from the neighborhood originally weren't overly curious or interested in what the guy was doing, they also weren't the ones always trying to change the neighborhood, that was mostly outsiders or newcomers doing that. Most people originally from there liked things the way they always had been, without needing them to change.
by The Original Agahnim August 10, 2021
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by Jesus is king07777777 July 26, 2022
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by Jesus is king07777777 July 26, 2022