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1. To sit or meander about (whether in life as a whole or at a specific time) with no apparent purpose, direction, or desire for either.

2. The act of choking on a lollipop.

3. A term used to describe a singer's voice who either has no vocal talent or who appears to have no idea what they are even singing about.
1. All those bums ever do is lolly-gag around the park all day.

2. He was lolly-gagging like a cat on a hair-ball so I gave 'im the ol' heimlick.

3. Turn that lolly-gaggin' crap off before my ears start up-chuckin'.
by ClothyMonster April 06, 2011

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A large, red, rectangle-thingy bearing a white insignia intended for those with literary talent. As of yet it has been found to have no significant value other than serving as an excellent target for practicin' and obstructin' my view of them other trucks crossin my line of travel.
Red Nekk: "Officer, no 'fence but if the stinkin government wasnt usin' all ma tax money on putting up them useless rectangle stop sign thingys, maybe dead guy over there woulda seen me drivin this way and woulda stopped. Coulda saved this here wreck from hapenin'."
by ClothyMonster April 05, 2011

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1. A tall, lean male homosexual.

2. An elongated wooden object used by male homosexuals to enlarge their anal rectum and find sensual pleasure. Generally found in the shape of a penis, although this may differ in cases involving kinky individuals or those with abnormal tendencies of distortion.

3. A fantastical object (much like a wand) conjured in the minds of many homosexual men, (esp. just before an orgasm caused by masturbation and mental fantasizing), that is supposed to turn attractive, straight men into queers with the simple flip of the wrist. The 'Fag Stick' is generally attached at one end to the groin, in place of the penis.

NOTE: As of yet, no such object has been found and proven operational; thus dispelling any concerns or fears many straight men have felt upon discovering the notion of such an item.
1. "John Dyss is one lanky Fag Stick."

2. "Can you believe he actually brought his Fag Stick to school?! Gross..."
3. "I swear, someday I will use my Fag Stick on that hunk-of-a-man!"
by ClothyMonster April 05, 2011

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Superbly Delicious.

Generally anything that possesses the trait of being grandiously tasty in an altogether stunning and marvelous manner. Usually used to describe the more rare beauties of the female form that roam this earth, and ice cream. Can be identified by the feverish look in ones eyes and the spaced out demeanor one will inevitably have for an extended period of time directly after an encounter with something that is Superbilicious.
1. Dang girl, you be lookin' supafine today! Look any bettah and you'll be all Superbilicious, honey.

2. I ain't neva tasted nothin' that good! Superbilicious, man. Su, per, bi... licious!
by ClothyMonster April 06, 2011

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Any female over the age of 25 who, A) Has at some point in time achieved at least an 8.5 on the Scale of Relative Attractiveness (SRA). And who B) Has a SADR (Sexual Attractiveness Depreciation Rate) significantly lower than the average SADR at -.33 sexograms bi-annually. (Must be -.125 or less.)
Dude, she's like 42 and still looks like a babe. Total Milf!
by ClothyMonster April 24, 2011

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One of the many individuals who, (for reasons yet undetermined and unjustified), submit definitions to Urban Dictionary which are significantly similar to the definitions that can be found in any of the billions of Webster's "Blasphemous Books" ALREADY published in this world.

This term may also refer to those individuals who submit definitions portraying intense emotions or idealisms; often displaying resentment and a sense of having been offended.

In both cases, these individuals mistake the whole idea of Urban Dictionary, which is to enlighten those who are naieve in a light-hearted, usually humorous and witty way, of those words, concepts and phrases which have spawned, sprouted, and developed as a result of the wisdom of the many honorable citizens of this world who possess a sense of creative savvy.

At any rate, these individuals both degrade and defile this wondrous mark on history known as Urban Dictionary.
If I wanted to know the prosaic, arid meaning for the word, I would have consulted Webster. Thanx for wasting my life, Urban Dictionerd.
by ClothyMonster April 24, 2011

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A word commonly used by those of lower intelligence, or rednecks, when attempting to tell a story in past tense. Esp. when put under pressure or in the presence of those with higher social standing thus causing an attemp at formality (proper grammar).
John Dyss: Uh, officer what I be tryin... 'Err, been' (pronounced 'urban') tryin ta tell ya is I was busy brandin' ma cows, If ya know what I mean;) , night o' the robbery."
by ClothyMonster April 05, 2011

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