When a girl who is wearing glasses is giving you a blow job and you cum on her face, glasses.
I made Katy The Teacher last night.
by BabyMoon January 12, 2012
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1: A person who teaches you things and helps you or

2: A bitchy old hag who makes you redo your math homework and calls your parents when you refuse because you'll be stuck there for hours on 1 math problem and she doesn't give a shit about you because she only likes seeing you get in trouble at home.
Me: yay i got my math homework done so i can be on Facebook during study skills
Rat Lady (teacher): Let me see your math homework
Me: it's done
Rat Lady: i wanna see it
Me: (grudgingly hands it over)
Rat Lady: all of this is wrong
Me: im not doing that shit again
Rat Lady: Too bad
Me: no, you can't make me damn it (thinking inside of head : {FUCK YOU, YOU OLD BITCH!})
Mom: your teacher called, you're grounded
Me: Damn it
by Bloodthirsty Vampire August 20, 2018
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A person that helps you solve problems you'd never have without them.
(Teacher) Write this 100 times!
(Student) ok..
(Teacher) Now you know.
by OneRaven February 8, 2012
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1): A nice caring educator that will help you be successful in life.

2):A dumb cunt nobody likes because they always want to give a whole bunch of homework and only be nice to a few kids. When you ask a question they be ignorant and don’t even give the answer you want
1):teacher: You all will be successful in life just keep on trying and remember that practice makes perfect.
Student: thank you your so sweet we love you so much I can tell that we will go somewhere with the help of you

2): Student: can I ask you a question miss/mister?
Teacher: what do you want?
Student:what’s the home—
Teacher: eight paragraphs due tomorrow

Student: I have another question!
Teacher: done and answered get out!
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There are 2 different kind of teachers:

1)Caring people who really want to help you learn and grow they want you to be ready to go out in the real world. They really do care about you but some teens jump to conclusion thinking that they dont care because they are being snappy one day out of a whole year. They have familys and problems just like the rest of us. They cant be perfect they are only human.

2)Dickfaces who live to terrorize kids lives. Usually men or old women. They say they care just so they can fuck with your mind but then go tell the whole staff about it and then you end up getting a phone call home and your parents find out about it and then you have all this drama shit on your hands. Until a #1 teacher tries to help you fix it!
1) Right now i have two teachers like this. Who really care and i know they care. Conversation between student and teacher

Student-Can i talk to you?
Teacher-Sure sit down. What is it?
Student-Well...blah blah blah *tear tear*
Teacher-Oh im so sorry. i know that things that happen in life make you a better stronger more mature person and i believe you are one of those stronger more mature people. Always remember you can talk to me about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.
Student-Thanks! You really do care dont you!!

2)i dont have an example for fuckers like this...they just suck!
by Rachelx December 27, 2007
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animals that can talk
''Are you doing something or not??'' ''No..." ''I'm your teacher, so shut up and do something. Say the answer.""I wasn't raising my hand.."
by just...youknowwho September 12, 2011
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