Lilie is an amazing girl who is often heartbroken or sad. When she’s around her closest friends, she can put a smile on her face. Don’t get on Lilies bad side or else you’ll have messed up big time. Lilie is so beautiful and she’s such a blessing to be friends with. Don’t break her heart or else you’ll see what real pain looks like.
Miles: have you seen Lilie lately, she’s been disappearing out of my life and I feel really bad about what I did.
James: Sorry can’t help you there. She gave you a chance and you fucked with her heart.
by where’stheavacados October 29, 2019
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A very nice person. Loves to work out but also loves to eat ... a lot. Soon will marry her best fiend. Usually named ivan
Have you seen Lilie and Ivan eating tacos ?
by maria175534 October 7, 2016
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she is the absolute best kind of person you will ever meet, she is kind hearted, and always has her friends backs, even if they might not have hers. She keeps a lot of her emotions back and tends to not let anyone in, but if she does, do not break that trust, it means that u mean a lot to her. she is loved by so many people, and for a good reason to. she’s absolutely fucking gorgeous and usually has the best ass. she is very stubborn and will carry a chip on her shoulder if she wants to. she always forgives, but never forgets.
by 1000000000000% October 22, 2018
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lily is a beautiful, kind and cute girl. she can be a little naughty and dirty minded but is mostly cute and innocent.

if you land yourself a lily count yourself lucky, she’ll treat you like a king! she loves affection so make sure you shower her with kisses and hugs.

she doubts herself a lot, so she likes to be reassured that you still love her. she is a sensitive girl at times, and will most likely cry and keep quiet if you hurt her, rather than get angry and yell.

lily will always care for you, she’ll do anything for the one she loves.
lily’s so cute bro..”
she’d never hurt a fly, don’t you hurt her.”
by tokyo.bbygirl November 2, 2019
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Lily, a girl who is the total package. She's smart, funny, incredibly athletic, crazy, nice, has a nice body, beautiful eyes, a prefect smile, and has a nice personality. She's one of those girls who doesn't let anybody walk all over her. She's tough, and doesn't like to show weakness. Lily stands up for herself and others. Lily is protective of her friends and family. She falls in love but only with one person, and if you play with her heart, she thinks she isn’t good enough for you and that you didn’t want her in the first place. Lily is also a bit insecure, but she won't show it. Lily isn't afraid to be herself, she has her weird side and her don’t care side. She really cares what people think of her but doesn’t quite know why. She does all she can to do the right thing but always turns out wrong for her. She spends money like she changes clothes and loves to shop! She is a damn crazy girl too! She's a lot more sensitive than you'd expect out of her. Be careful with her please. Lily has a heart of gold!
Person one: Do you know that kid Lily?
Person two: Yes, what about her?
Person three: She is soo hot!
by babyunicorn569 May 2, 2019
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Lily is a kind , caring person who always makes you feel welcome and has the best sense of humour ever.They are kind and loving , once you meet a lily you will love a lily.They are amazing , you can't get angry at them.
by glitterfan101 June 24, 2017
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Lily is the best friend you could ever have she is shy when you first meet her but when you get to know her she is the funniest person ever she is extremely trustworthy if you tell her a secret no one will know exept you her! But i know another lily who is extremely outgoing and well the opposite but still nice and there both super weird but in an amazing way! Anyways there both super awesome and amazing!!!!!!
Person 1 = that girl is soo nice

Person 2 = thats lily!
by Harry_potter_lover October 22, 2018
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