Lily: this person you will love forever, she loves you for you and not the fake version, do not think this person will take any crap, otherwise you in for it!
she is sweet, kind, trustworthy and everything else loving!
you are lucky to be friends with this person and dont take them for granted they do have feelings! :)
by frilly123456789 May 22, 2013
The most amazing girl ever to live. Lily's are wicked beautiful and brilliant. If you fall for her, and she does the same for you, you're the luckiest guy ever. She'll never let you go.
Who's the girl who fell for terry?


Holy crap. That's one lucky guy
by Kilgtr April 24, 2017
Lily is a person how can come on as they doesn’t care at all but they actually are such a softie when it comes to their friends and family! Lily is a big LGBTQIA+ supporter and BLM supporter. Although They seem quite tough- Lily has a lot of insecurities ( example they may have a fear of what people think about the way they look) they are playful mean and this is how they show their love- so if a lily you know treats other people mean and you nice she DOESNT like you. Lily has a killer side eye and death stare they can also roll their eyes like a Queen. Lily always sticks up for the problem they love and when their down everyone always wants to comfort them! Lily is a total gossip! But this is mostly good. She’s loyal and never brakes a promise. You can always trust Lily. The Lily I know isn’t a fan of all things affectionate so if she doesn’t put an kiss on the end of your message when you put one don’t take this to heart! She is a lunatic but in a good way, and will hype you up to ask out that crush of yours 😉 ( This is based off of a lily I have met in real life not everyone is like this!)
Person 1: “Have you met 𝕃𝕚𝕝𝕪?“
Person 2: “Yeah their a lunatic! In a good way though!
Person 1: Totally bro we are lucky to know her!
Person 2: Yh 𝕝𝕚𝕝𝕪 is great!
Lily is great to have around!
by IzumixMido_LGBTQIA+ December 28, 2022
Very shy when with a lot of people but she can be very energetic when she is by herself.
Lily is so shy.
by Cat mermaid October 21, 2019
Girls named Lily are beautiful and talented. They have the best taste in music. They are fun to talk to. Fun to be with. Any guy would be lucky to date a Lily. So guys, if you have a Lily, don't let her go!! And for the girls, Lily is the best friend you could have. She is here to make people happy. Find a Lily today!(:
I miss Lily.
by BeingMyself.(: July 7, 2011
Lily is the most beautiful girl you will ever see she is caring funny and kind to you and will never give up on true friends
Lily can be used to describe stunning
by Nooooobmaster69 August 8, 2019