a person who has sold their soul to the devil in return for an illusion of power
dem prefects are sooooooo gay we can go in and out of B block as we please
by Jacky boi February 1, 2005
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Arrogant assholes who are "head boy" or "head girl". They have special "powers" such as suspending someone because they aren't "popular", and having underaged sex with any guy/girl in the school.
Damn prefects. They are such fags.
by Your all american reject April 23, 2005
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Carrying out the duties of a prefect
Friend: Hey wanna grab a cheeky nando's?
Me: Sorry, I'm prefecting all night.
Friend: What a SADDO LOL
by rainestormee December 4, 2018
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Marko is the class prefect, he kisses the teachers ass.
by aheadofU September 18, 2019
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So there is the 5% of prefects, and of course the 95% of prefects.
5%: The normal good ppl including my best fren, but teachers are obviously still inclined to like them.
Bitches and sluts who wanna suck the cher's ass. They literally don't have their own opinions and are practically programmed by chers to be jailers and arrest all rule-breakers, minor or major. Many of them are in fact back stabbers and wannabes. They gather in large groups, and pretend to be loud and popular and funny. Other poor bitches who wanna be popular will try to join them. Most are idiots who the teacher likes because of the sash they wear, and as such they think that they are superior and in control like big bosses.
Me: *Harmlessly eating while using my phone in the canteen after school to contact my parents
Bitchy prefects: *Looks up from her phone and sees me (Shouting for everyone to hear) No using phone in canteen No using phone in canteen
Me: U were oso using your phone but wudeva I will move two metres to the meeting point (Only place where u r allowed to use phone)
Bitch: No eating in meeting point No eating in meeting point
Me: Wtf the chers dont even care about that rule liao stop talking shit lah your mouth isnt your ass

Me and my friends: Mrs Low is so slutty right yeah
Me: Sorry but we are having a private conversation here
Bitch: What why I cannot join?! I'm telling Mrs Low that you said a vulgarity about her behind her back Me: Dude u r oso always ostracizing everyone
Bitch: *throws scrunchie sksksksksk

At night
Bitch: Hi uwu
Bitch: IKR UWU
All of them: Starts spamming chat with 'uwu'

Me: Wtf is wrong with u guys r u gay or wth r u trying to do

Hang a note around your neck if u r gonna send that trash
by #IAMOP(account #2) September 28, 2019
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An excellent, thoughtful poster to a web board.

To write an amazingly good post to web board.

Coined in honor of the best poster on tigernet, FordPrefect.
He's a real Prefect.

He really prefected that issue.
by Bubba May 6, 2004
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