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a person who has sold their soul to the devil in return for an illusion of power
dem prefects are sooooooo gay we can go in and out of B block as we please
by Jacky boi February 01, 2005
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Arrogant assholes who are "head boy" or "head girl". They have special "powers" such as suspending someone because they aren't "popular", and having underaged sex with any guy/girl in the school.
Damn prefects. They are such fags.
by Your all american reject April 22, 2005
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An excellent, thoughtful poster to a web board.

To write an amazingly good post to web board.

Coined in honor of the best poster on tigernet, FordPrefect.
He's a real Prefect.

He really prefected that issue.
by Bubba May 06, 2004
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