a Lili will never leave you're side she is an amazing most kind girl in the world, she has one of the sexiest personalities. she's

the most cutest girl you will ever meet in your life! clean luscious wavy hair. radiant sexy skin. she will be there for you no matter want. A great lover. she will love you till the end of time. SHE'S MY BABE.
She's my Lili, i love her.
by CoolBoyHD November 8, 2011
She is the best friend anyone could ask for. she is beautiful and her smile lights up a room where ever you go. You can tell her a secret and she will keep that secret until the day she dies. The boys all fall for her and the girls wish they were hee. Her family is wonderful, although they have and quite a but of money they don't brag about it. If you have a lily in your life keep, one day she'll be famous.
Megan: I hate lily, she's so conceided and thinks she's better than everyone
Shannon: oh please, you're just jealous! She's perfect!
by Anonymous_dictionary June 22, 2017
THE single most amazing, Beautiful, Cute and Sweet person you will ever meet.
She's always there for people when they need her and she always cheers people up.

Lily is the most amazing girl anyone will ever meet ever.
She's the most perfect girlfriend you will never have... Because she's mine <3
Person 1 "Who's that beautiful girl?!"
Person 2 "Oh that's Lily"
by BwyBwy November 2, 2012
She is the hottest, sexiest person you will ever meet. She is the best kisser and will love you with all her heart. Her taste in music is the best usually liking music like skrillex or dubstep. If you have a lily never let her go.
Dam she is hot!!! She must be a lily.
by 1234567890Lily1234567890 April 23, 2013
Lily is the type of friend everyone needs in their life, but not everyone deserves. She thinks of herself as non-important, or just the side friend. But that is the fault of others who take her for granted and only come to her when they seek help, uncaring of whether or not she feels lonely. Lily is as delicate as the flower she was named after, and she has many beautiful sides to her the same way Lillies come in many exotic colors. She can be sensitive and vulnerable but don't mistaken it as weakness, for she is the strongest person I know. She is strong, beautiful, and precious.

- k
I look forward to spending the rest of my life with Lily.
by gukkie June 21, 2019
Lily is a pure amazing person and a great girl and beautiful she'll be anything you want her to be and she's the baby any man could ask for in my opinion I found my lily in my life and you should too I love her and wouldn't have it any other way I love lily and her ways I'm telling you now don't ever get rid of your lily she's a keeper for life and she'll always make you the happiest person on earth at first sight and she woes you with all her charms love you lily
She's such a lily don't ever let her go!
by Conor m125 May 9, 2017
Lily is a stunningly epic girl, absolutely gorgeous and radiates pure awesomeness with many super cool friends. She is the loveliest person you can possibly think of, and never does anything to (purposfully) hurt anyone else, and constantly apologises for no reason.
She is also the clumsiest person in existance, can not walk straight on a flat surface and is constantly having blonde moments. Unfortunately she is not actually a blonde, and therefore cannot have true blonde moments. So we have renamed them Lily Moments, blonde moments for the non-blondes of the world.
Sebasgen: Hey Lily, do you wanna go see Pirates of the Carribean?
Lily: Sorry! Sounds good, I'd love to. Sorry!

Then Lily walks into a pole and falls over, dragging everyone else down with her.

Lily: Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!!!!
by Sir Marbles the Crazy July 13, 2011