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Lily is the best friend you could ever have she is shy when you first meet her but when you get to know her she is the funniest person ever she is extremely trustworthy if you tell her a secret no one will know exept you her! But i know another lily who is extremely outgoing and well the opposite but still nice and there both super weird but in an amazing way! Anyways there both super awesome and amazing!!!!!!
Person 1 = that girl is soo nice

Person 2 = thats lily!
by Harry_potter_lover October 22, 2018
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Laura is the most polite kind funny butiful person I've ever met! She's one of my best friends since kindergarten she likes pink dresses and being fancy she's also hilarious and an amazing friend she is trustworthy and really fun to be around!
Me = you're awesome
Laura = no you are!
by Harry_potter_lover October 22, 2018
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