Miles is a cute dark-haired guy with brown eyes and is the sweetest guy and best boyfriend you could wish for. He does have a case of RBF, but he's actually extremely caring and empathetic but also super funny and smart. He has a great taste in music and is one of the best friends you could ever wish for. At times he can be weird and nerdy, but don't be fooled by his height and shy demeanor because he's also a known ladykiller.

The reason for this is he is an actual god at sex. He knows how to push all the right buttons with his mouth and hands that will leave you screaming and cumming before he even unzips his pants. He has an absolutely massive dick called the big mac that is almost 9 inches long and thick (I measured 6.5 inches around) with some nice big balls attached too. However, he does actually have extreme hyperspermia, meaning he cums A HUGE AMOUNT, so be ready to be completely drenched in cum.
Don't be intimidated though, cause this guy KNOWS how to use his blessing like a god. Honestly, this guy will stretch you out and make you scream and cum so much that you'll become addicted to getting fucked like a whore by him. Even though he's dominant during sex, he's actually always super attentive and treats you like a princess. But, all the girls I know say that after, sex with every other guy just feels mediocre and meh cause you won't stop comparing your next partners to him.He is the best friend, boyfriend and sexual partner I know by miles(no pun intended).
"Did you see Miles towel drop the other day? No wonder he has such a reputation, that thing is a monster dong!"
"Jesus, yesterday I slept with Miles for the first time...and I still feel the effects down there today! I can hardly walk or sit straight!"
"Hey did you hear about Andrea sleeping with Miles? Do you think Miles knew that she had a bf? Seems she broke up instantly afterwards with her bf now and has been wanting Miles ever since that night."
"Yeesh when I saw Miles with his pants down, I thought he was going to break me or split me in half , I was so scared! But, thank god I didn't leave cause that was the best night I ever had. Too bad he's in a relationship now."
"Honestly, having sex with him is so intense feels like being pumped continuously with electrical orgasms that I often almost end up crying! It's sooo good but I can barely use my legs after cause they're like jelly afterwards."
"Uuurgh I heard Miles yesterday night doing it with M and A, I don't understand how his stamina goes on for so long! And his girls are always either screaming or moaning super loudly, I can hardly concentrate in my room!"
by ann laoshi hao April 21, 2021
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Miles is the most amazing boy and a awesome boyfriend he. Is really sweetand romantic he always knows the right thing to say he is really cute and cares about other peoples feelings. Overall try too be friends with a miles
by Savonahhh June 6, 2019
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miles is a gamer chad who is #1 at Minecraft PVP, he is usually a 6'9 foot tall, and has a 12-inch cock.
oh man that guy is definitely not a miles
by Hunter eastmans biggest fan October 6, 2020
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I believe mile's is one of the sweetest souls I have ever met. He is down to earth and very humble at least around others. He's a shy person but once he begins to trust you, he is an outgoing and easy person to talk to. He's an easeful guy not going against too much drama with people he meets. When I am around him he makes me feel like I am in a comfortable place where it is safe to open up. At times, he can be aloof or on edge but means no harm against your feelings. Miles is in no place to judge you or others, he knows that we're all human and share qualities we don't choose to live with. He doesn't communicate very well, however still delievers what he can provide.
It's Miles not Myles.
by Julianna! May 2, 2020
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Girl:look at his dick he must be called Miles.
by MIFH January 16, 2018
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An admin For the mattupham community discord server, A person who needs to change his discord tag to Shrek to accompany DONKEY
He is a Miles.
by @king, Hello Miles November 6, 2021
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Miles is a nice and kind guy. He was one of my first crush’s. He has a AMAZING sense of humor and mad me laugh all the time he is a really smart guy and a really funny person he is basically the love of my life and he will probably be yours to
Amelia:Hey who was that I think I have a crush on him

Rose:Ohh that’s miles he’s really nice
by Took ghgc December 11, 2019
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