1. n. A werewolf, or werewolves.
Likens died out nearly 20,000 years ago.
by DarkLegacy July 12, 2005
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A person who's mood changes dependent on how many likes they have on a Facebook post. A play on Lycan
Girl 1: Karen has been a real bitch ever since her status update got 5 likes.
Girl 2: She's a liken, she'll be back to normal once she gets more likes.
by Flyntcole November 30, 2016
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Being in the state of Liking something. For liking a Facebook picture we can either click like or simply comment "likenness" instead. It should be taken in the sense and context of how we say coolness and awesomeness etc..
Drew: The pic is awesome!!! "likenness in multiples"
by kart777 April 11, 2010
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A condition that occurs when a girl adds you on Facebook or begins to show more interest in you by liking all your comments and status updates. Clear sign that she is D.T.F.

See "Shooting fish in a barrel"
"Here we go again, 'The Likening' has occurred. Better stock up on condoms and molly, this booty's in the bank"
by BoatHands January 7, 2014
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person who likes everything on facebook
Jess Homer is such a liken! She even liked my ex boyfriends cousins aunts status from 2 weeks ago!
by ernie mandittie January 16, 2012
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It is a Scottish slang phrase used to signify general delight at something that has happened or as a greeting when meeting someone special. It is usually shouted at a loud volume. Some say its origins are from the Gaelic language meaning "Good fortune".
"FIT LIKEN min eh"
"Ken. FIT LIKEN you loon"
by eliasm307 December 11, 2015
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its that time of year again, you go to KFC and get some chicken and its so good that you are addicted and say chicken liken fingers for no reason.
"Hi there costumer" . "Hi random employee that gets $500 dollars a month" . "want some CHICKEN??????" . "bye, have a nice day!" . "CoMe BaCk!" also it means, that when your eating chicken. and when its soooo good . you say "its chicken liken goood. so you suck your fingers and say "CHICKEN LIKEN FINGERS, THATS HOW GOOD IT IS"
by the weirdo from school November 30, 2018
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