"You too Licky Licky" You Never Want a Jamaican to call you “Licky Licky” This is similar to beggy beggy but is usually in reference to someone who shows greedy tendencies and will quickly compromise their morals for material gain.
Some man too licky licky when it comes to moving to girls.
by Arron j smith August 26, 2021
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When I get home I hope my wife gives me a little "licky-licky".
by Bud E Love May 7, 2003
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Another way to say frenching (making out with some tounge).
Evan: so you and your girlfriend had funn last night.
Bobby: Yea....
Evan: Bobby get some licky licky?
Bobby: Hell yea!!!
by Treeana October 9, 2006
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Licky on my blicky uh give me stiffy uh drummy hold fifty uh
6ix9ine: Licky licky uh on my blicky uh till im stiffy uh
by FuckedYoBitchJuan22 September 5, 2018
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Someone who is always up someone elses arse, gets jelous easy, can't get lasses, copies what anyone else says, prone to jumping on the band wangon and is a man hore
you bum licky licky
by testingsquare October 6, 2010
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when your sack feels dry and you need a special someone to moistin it up for you.
hey sheila, get over here and licky licky ball bags!
by matthewonie November 25, 2013
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When you eat out a chicks ass.
Me Wanna Licky Licky Boom Boom
by Pete K September 14, 2005
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