A sticky fart. Circa 1960. When you let one fly and this results in some filmy slime-like pseudo-shit in your shorts.
Damn, got to stop home before we head out, I got a blicky in my shorts.
by puddinhead December 19, 2004
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my blicky is sticky
by the parsh February 3, 2003
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it can be a nicotine device. It can also be a person if they have nicotine. It can also be used as a term of penis. Blicky can really be whatever you want it to be.
Can you pass me the blicky.

Hey blikcy boy.

I’m about to get some blikcy.
by k-dawg151515 November 12, 2020
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drugs, specifically heroin
let's go cop some blicky.

this blicky is some good shit.
by BamSlunk April 18, 2006
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Going down on a chick while she is taking a dump. The alternative to a blumpy.
I would so totally give Gina a blicky.
by Follows Herons September 7, 2007
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slang for a friend or comrade, usually used in greetings
hey blicky what's goin on
what's up blicky
yo' blicky, see that ho, she gives good dome...i would know
by sheizzy May 15, 2003
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