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A girl who is cute enough to put you in a trance. Despite the evil you know exists inside of her.
Guy 1: Ariana won’t stop loooking in my eyes.
Guy 2: I know it’s hard but don’t fall for her bro, she will just break your heart in the end.
Guy 1: I know but I can’t help myself bro 😭
by FuckedYoBitchJuan22 March 30, 2021
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These are a must have shoe if you into fashion they go with everything from streetwear to luxury wear and even hobowear, these are just fire in general. Like Franks red hot sauce said “I put that shit on everything
Guy 1: Whats with all these ugly ass White Air Forces shoes people keep wearing?
Guy 2: Nigga the fuck you talking about? The reason everyone wear them because they the most clean and easy to fit shoes every created. Course you wouldn’t understand crocs wearing ass nigga
by FuckedYoBitchJuan22 September 18, 2020
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A person who buys and wears expensive brands that are trending in the street wear community that involve of shirts,shoes,pants and more. People say they just buy these clothes to show off but from the heart of a true hypebeast it brings me happiness and joy.
Hype beast 1: Did you cop the new pair of Travis Scott Air Force 1s that came out? Heard they resale for 1000+
Hype beast 2: nah I didn’t manage to cop one because my bot didn’t work and I didn’t win it from any of the raffles tickets I bought
by FuckedYoBitchJuan22 July 13, 2019
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Best designer of luxury and streetwear brands such as Louis Vuitton, Off-White, and part time Nike designer. He creates amazing shoes.
You will never create designer clothes like Virgil Abloh does.
by FuckedYoBitchJuan22 June 22, 2019
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A person who eats all the food in the fridge, plays Minecraft, skips online classes, uses discord to talk shit, and is toxic as hell. It’s understandable if you’re in your 12s but 14+ and your a loser. Fat fuck u disappoint your parents u have no life
No life Jasper: I’m fat, stupid, and scum but I don’t want to admit it so I act up in front of my brother who does basketball and benches 400
by FuckedYoBitchJuan22 November 29, 2020
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A stereotype yet again some shithead made specifically targeted towards certain fashions involving women, it's derogatory and a term not used or see at all in normal society, don't expect to immediately realize the meaning without doing research. Commonly used in Roblox by middle aged men or adults who have no sense of self-respect or respect for others and women.
Girl wearing punk clothing in Roblox: *having fun*
Emo guy who bought headless in 2022: Ew your name is gross your so corny you are such a com girl.
Girl: Um excuse me? I just came to have a fun time and play with friends..
by FuckedYoBitchJuan22 October 19, 2022
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To have more than 1 women, 2. This is a Japanese word and doesn't have any other definition.
Lil Uzi Vert puts this as his username sometimes because he has multiple women not to mention he is asian on the inside.
Guy 1 : What's up with that weird Chinese username "Renji" Lil Uzi Vert put on instagram?
Guy 2 : Nigga the fuck? That name is for COOL people Lil Uzi has a right to put it he has multiple cars and many asian woman. course a bum nigga like you wouldnt know you ain't a Renji
by FuckedYoBitchJuan22 August 30, 2020
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