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Adj(beggy): 1) A word used to describe a person or animal who is so cute that the word cute just doesn't cut it.
2) Often used to describe someone with lots of begg (cheek fat).

Noun(beggy, chubbegg pl. beggies): A very cute, youthful individual or animal. However, even an elderly person can be beggy. A "fat begg" refers to someone who is acting fat and/or gluttonous amongst food(but isn't necessarily fat) and also has quantifiable begg (cheek fat) in their cheeks.

Chubbegg: Someone who strives to increase the amount of begg (or chub, both meaning fat or cheek fat) by eating lots of food and being fat in a chair (not exercising much, usually). Often looks for social outings to undertake the journey of becoming fatter (and thus increasing the amount of begg in their cheeks). A chubbegg often needs a certain caloric intake goal to satisfy them, and may be an extra fat begg later in the day if they are not eating enough at each meal.

Begg: Fat in someone's cheeks, where they would ideally be beggied (or begged for short) by someone else.

Verb(beggy, begg, beggied, beggies, beggying): To squeeze someone's cheeks to display and praise their begginess, especially if they are beggy. This is often done by a grandma to a child to exaggerate beggy youth and their begginess demands to be praised. The urge to beggy someone or something comes from the internal instinct of a nurturing person, almost motherly but can be exhibited by almost anyone.
Adj: Babies are extremely beggy.
Verb: Grandma Theresa greeted her baby grandson and beggied him, saying "koochie-koochie-koo".
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by begbeg666 August 05, 2019
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Message: "i'm free this afternoon so come over and fuck me senseless, my parents will be out all day"
Recipient: Mum
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by Jimmed September 26, 2006
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When someone is being beggy, they’re doing something for attention. Typically on social media for likes.
Trying too hard for others, whether that’s to be funny, cool, original etc.
You can find plenty of beggy people ok Instagram or in the YouTube comments. Trying to make fake memes, or copying other popular comments and repasting them as their own for likes.
That post John put up was so beggy... literally doing it just for likes.

That meme page is on private so you have to follow to see their posts. So beggy!
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by Kindestofallsirs May 19, 2019
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1. of or relating to a group of extraterrestrial beings consisting of similar individuals with the same type of brain.

They like to party, pray, pounce, and are usually zomie or eating excessive amounts of ham.

2. The Beggy language, the world's most uncommon language, with an estimated 4 native speakers worldwide. Though complex, it permits communication between speakers who are incomprehensible.
A conversation between Beggies on a Friday night:

Flannel: SUP
Bayehn: Party tonight?
Sandison: Sure! After church though..
Abramson: Can't, I'm too zomie. Ugh, I need some ham.
Flannel: Fine. Let us go to FullyBooked to eat at starbucks and nutella Eurasian babes.

A conversation between Beggies in Beggy language:

Son-of-Sandi: eggy-of-M deactivated his facebook!
Son-of-Abram: likes do I.
Bayehn: LOVES it does me.
Flannel: my deez of SHEEZ, undastand does i actually!
by Nel-of-Flan October 10, 2009
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