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The unofficial mascot of Skittles, a secret marketing strategy to attract young African-American men to the company.
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An 11-year-old trapped in a 22-year-old's body that's been abducted and brainwashed by the Skittles gang
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by ItsYaBoiMrKrabs June 12, 2018
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6ix9ine the king of NY and CHICAGO.
Looks like a fucking pony with autism
6ix9ine: "ima go to prison for life"
Scum Gang
by or tilayuf July 18, 2018
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Some weird 'rapper' who is secretly a skittle man and shouts in all of his songs.
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by TheCoolChap October 24, 2018
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6ix9ine, or (Tekashi69) is the literal definition of a degenerate. He is a presumptuous Soundcloud rapper with no range or talent, who claims to be significant and creative, while the rest of the world rolls its eyes. The only unique quality he has is his appearance. With rainbow colored hair, and a giant 69 tattoo on his face, it is clear he is an utter bum.

Using unoriginal beats and sound effects, mixed with tasteless, ceaseless yelling, and an utter lack of creativity, this ugly clown has built a following of misguided, depressing 12 year olds who have no idea what quality music is.

He is a disappointment to the city of New York, an otherwise respected city in terms of music.

Literally all of his songs consist of tasteless yelling about violence, sex, drugs, and an overwhelming abundance of the N word. (which he is unqualified to use.) He has songs where literally one in 4 words are the N word. Zero creativity goes into his songs, as there is close to no musical content, and many of his beats and sounds are stolen.

He also happens to be a pedophile. Though his devout fans deny these rumors, Tekashi69 admitted in court to have had sex with a 13 year old girl. That's right, 13 YEARS OLD.

Childish Persona, Inappropriate facial tattoos, Awful music, and Pedophilia all make him a disappointment to humankind.

There's no better description than the phrase "Utter degenerate"
John: What music have you been listening to?
Travis: "GUMMO" by 6ix9ine. It go's so hard!
John: Damn Travis, you have no taste in music. That song is obscene.
Travis: His style so gud tho.
John: He has no style. He is trash. We can't be friends anymore. Go live in a trash can, where his album belongs.
by Ae$opRicky May 18, 2018
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When you dress up and a rapper in rainbow clothes and do a 69 with your fans.
I really like when I got 6ix9ined in the summer it was fun.
by 6942073 May 24, 2018
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