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n. A company that manufactures "bedroom adventure gear," Liberator's home store is located in Atlanta. The "adventure gear" includes sex furniture, sex toys, lingerie, role-play items, and other fun products.
Honey, wait 'til you see the new furniture I got from Liberator today! We won't sleep all night!
by pectussian May 20, 2011
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A fictional starship featured in the first three seasons of the BBC television series Blake's 7.

The Liberator was an abandoned spacecraft found drifting near Cygnus Alpha, it was equipped with powerful weapons, force field protection, and a system of "battle computers". The ship was originally built by a race of beings known as "The System". The System referred to the ship as DSV2 ("Deep Space Vehicle 2")

Liberator was destroyed after passing through a cloud of corrosive micro-organisms in the third season final episode "Terminal"
RIP Liberator
by TheDarkhelmet95Youtube December 27, 2011
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Similar to vaginitis. Typical pussy liberal retard that is offended common sense.
Roger: Dude, what's Ron's problem? He's acting like he has sand in his vag.

Daryle: That's just his liberitis acting up..... I called Tyrone a black person..... The politically correct term is African American.
by Roids O'Flarin January 24, 2017
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If used in a non-political sense, "liberal" simply means "a lot."
I'd like a large popcorn with a liberal amount of butter, please.
by Doc Sigma September 24, 2003
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That was a great party at Liber last night!
by Luut van Dijk September 30, 2019
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An ideology based on beliefs of economic and personal freedom, and the fact that social inequalities are a part of nature. (Also libertarianism to the American readers.)

A definition later to be distorted by Americans, who mainly associate "liberalism" with being left-wing on the political scale, disregarding the original and correct sense of the word.
Each man is the architect of his own fortune.
by Svengali April 9, 2004
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