When you rent out a cabin that is in the middle of nowhere and there are no stores around other than a smoke shop on the indian reserve to purchase groceries. You end up going to buy what you need and walking out with a carton of smokes regardless if you smoke or not because they are so cheap on the reserves. They basically give them to you just for coming into the store.
Mike, " Hey Kyle, we need to get some toilet paper and some firewood today from the store or we will have frozen shit running down our legs."

Kyle, " The only store around is that fucked up smoke shop on the gas-huffer reserve down the road."

Mike, " Well atleast Smokes we won't pay"
by faaaaack May 14, 2010
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How one should reply to a newfag who thinks the internet is is personal army.
>My girlfriend cheated on me. Her number is 555-555-5555 and her e-mail is stupidbitch123@lol.mail. Do your worst.

by mf10 October 30, 2008
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An empty threat made in response to perceived asshole-ery, typically via text message.
If you are an asshole then maybe we won't hang out Sunday.
by pettibzb November 23, 2011
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