Dishonest. Media spin-meister. a liberal. Michael Moore
Only a liar would fill you head with liberal ideals to get you to vote for a Democrat.
SoberVoter and Ben Dover
by I'm the real Ali Baba May 18, 2006
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a person who lies because they think that they become cool.. n who lie to their frends so they could hang out with their girlfriend.
see mark - a liar who doesnt feel bad about it
by xunoeitx March 24, 2008
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one direction:
"Give it 18 months"
"we'll be back, promise"
"just 18 months, and you'll see us back"
"this isn't the end"
"theyre fucking liars, but we stan"
by uwulouis April 06, 2019
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Another word for the gay rat himself. Kokichi Ouma
Person1: Dude, are you pulling a kokichi?
Liar1: ...No?
by aslan jade lynx April 29, 2020
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Someone that does not tell the truth like Prudence.
She said she loved me but she didnt, therfore she was lying.
by wristslicerMorgan April 15, 2004
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When Ethan blames everything on everyone and then gets caught and lies he is caught being a liar
by Ggirl76890 December 22, 2017
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