A variation on duder, a dude-ler is simply a dude. He could be your homie, your pot dealer, your neighbor, or he could be some guy you just met. A dude-ler could be any guy. Often, it is used as a term of endearment between male friends. It does not refer to females, usually.
Hey, dude-ler, wanna go disc golfing, and smoke a bowl on the bowl hole?
by Vector51 March 30, 2011
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a green twink from the movie "Lorax"
"once-ler is such a twink i'd peg him"
"get some therapy becky"
by mrmalfoyswifey October 21, 2021
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Someone who always asks for your age/sex/location, even if you are taking the mickey out of the prat.
user1:I hate all of you
user1:leave me alone intenet perv
a/s/ler:ASL BITCH!
by Robert July 11, 2004
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A man of complete swag. Created by fans of the 2012 movie release of the Lorax. Also related with Oncest, Greed-ler is supposed to be homosexual.
Random girl: Man he's got swag!

Me: Yeah, just like Greed-ler!
by Greed-ler August 23, 2012
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Eh Ler is the most depressed person you will ever meet. He loves any kind of sports and is active most of the time. Eh ler is also funny and can make you laugh even if your not in the mood he will lighten up your day. Just know that he loves you and wants you to succeed in life even if he doesn't.
Eh ler is my best friend but I know he is always sad even if he smiles and laughs.
by HangingOverYou April 21, 2019
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Amazing guitarist from Primus. Also plays the banjo. His guitar licks often get overshadowed by Claypool's bass, but he adds a lot to the songs.
by bryan18 August 16, 2005
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The quirky, awesome, unique, often atonal guitarist from the band, Primus. Real name is Larry LaLonde, but everyone knows him as "Ler". Plays PRS, Gibson, and Fender guitars through Vox and Marshall amps.
Ler LaLonde is such an awesome guitarist, and I heard he's really funny also.
by gardenofsound September 29, 2004
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